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  Create an Art Response to one of the readings from the appellation so far. The art allotment can be poetry, abbreviate story, sculpture, painting, drawing, dance, monologue, achievement piece, song, video game, or music that you actualize (but NOT collage). If you accept to address Haiku or abbreviate poetry, you charge to address a alternation of at atomic 4 connected/related pieces.  The art MUST be your own artistic work.  If you absorb others’ words or images, you charge advertence them in the art itself as able-bodied as in the Artist Statement. Half of the grade. Write an Artist Account to about-face in with your Art Response due with your art. The purpose of the account is for acceptance to affix advance concepts to art allotment referencing the account that aggressive the piece. As such, acceptance will explain the average best (genre, colors, style, size, etc.) and why anniversary is accurately adapted to the chic capacity and the reading.  This appointment recognizes that ability is not alone created in acceptable bookish pursuits and gives added acceptance the adventitious to excel in alternating means for an assignment. Half of the grade.

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