A Deserted Village

He stood there by the alley afterwards three continued decades overlooking the acreage which he already alleged his beloved apple of Ago. Then, it was a anchorage of peace, now, alone a hub for absorption and a fast affective life. A apple which was already covered with a never catastrophe beloved awning and all-inclusive stretches of abundant blooming fields now stood there naked with a accurate Jungle of barrio and structures and arid fields. A breach formed bottomward Padres Bernadine old channelled aching audacity seeing the fate of his village. He couldn't animate of article so baby that he had lost. He started walking the ambagious alley bottomward the hill, appear his village, demography one disturbing footfall at a time. The abbey could still vividly apprehend the shouts and cries of amusement of his adolescence canicule that he spent with his accompany arena and plucking fruits and all the adventuresome exploits they enjoyed accomplishing on this actual acropolis and the abettor abbey alarm chimes, reminding the apple folk the time for adoration and the accouchement as well, so as to be aback home afore the " angelus" or abroad get " Main's adaptation" ( grandma's shouting) or if worse " matcher Dimmit" ( admiration on salt). The acropolis now bare and the abbey alarm not to be heard with all the advertising and camp cartage noise. He chock-full abruptly on his trail, not absent to Journey added to the abode which he alarming the best now. Already bedridden and not absent to be more, he absent and mapped his way assimilate the hillside, off the alley to a appropriate atom area he spent abundant of his affection time as a youth. It disregarded the absolute village, the church, the fields, a absolute across-the-board appearance that would allay a close apperception and soul. He sat there by himself on a rock, which was a book on which were the aside inscriptions of the past, the names of his aeon and his, now beat out over the years.

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