A description of your resume upgrade process ( DUE in 6hrs)

At the end of this week's altercation about resume revision, amuse address a mini-SWOC assay of how things went for you. As usual, adapt your assay with the SWOC headings--Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Challenges. Here are four questions to adviser your analysis: What absolute qualities did your resume accept as you began the action of updating? What weakness did you apprehension on your own or afterwards reviewing actual in the binder "Readings and assets for resume upgrades" at the top of our Week 4 Module? What opportunities did your teammates highlight for you as you formed to amend and advance your resume? What challenges accept you encountered in this process, from central yourself or from the outside? Aim for about a folio in length, including your announcement heading.  Please abide your assay here. Continue to convenance a Plain Language layout--with adventurous area headings and with branch break to "chunk" your assay into allusive units aural sections. I'm attractive advanced to account your SWOC assay as a examination to account your new adaptation of your resume!

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