A Description of the PDA Psychometric Test

What is the PDA Psychometric Test? PDA is a psychometric analysis that through a simple, absolute and accurate adjustment allows us to ascertain and assay people’s behavioral profiles. It additionally allows us to appraise the behavioral requirements of a job and accomplish abundant compatibilities that administer to the altered Human Resources processes. The PDA analysis does not authorize behavioral profiles as “good or bad”; it describes the evaluated individual’s behavioral characteristics. In the case of breeding a abstraction of compatibilities amid a being and a job description, it artlessly describes and provides accommodation on the strengths and weaknesses. Back to Menu Who uses the PDA test? This psychometric appraisal can be benign to: * People: in adjustment to accept their strengths and weaknesses to get a bigger job, to become bigger at their accepted job, to advance their accord with colleagues, superiors and or/collaborators. * Entities: to identify, advance and/or absorb talent. This apparatus is activated by best of the arch companies ranked on Great Place to Work. * HR consulting entities: Incorporate a new artefact into your portfolio, add amount to your services, and accomplish consulting projects based on the psychometric behavioral test. Back to Menu What advice does the PDA provide? Through the PDA psychometric analysis ou can bound go online to obtain: * A person’s behavioral contour description, account (press actuality to see an example): o Administration appearance o Decision-making appearance o How to advance this being to success o Persuasive abilities o Analytical abilities o Sales abilities o Action akin o Capital abilities and strengths o Areas of advance * Alone and / or accumulation affinity amid one or added individuals and a job. Alone and or accumulation affinity amid one or added individuals and your company’s competences. Back to Menu How does the PDA Address accord to the able advance and development of an individual? The complete PDA address will advice you to apperceive yourself bigger and to analyze what are your capital strengths and weaknesses. At the aforementioned time, it’ll acquiesce you to considerately analyze the abilities you charge to aerate your potential. If you are currently interviewing or attractive for a bigger job, the complete PDA address will advice you to… • Research strategically Interview auspiciously • Emphasize abilities and strengths • Feel assured • Find a job that matches your “natural” characteristics • …other allowances “From all the accessible knowledge, the wiser and added advantageous is to apperceive yourself” - William Shakespeare. If you are currently working, the complete PDA address will advice you to…: • Accept and advance your administration abilities • Finer advance your abilities and strengths • Advance your accord with your colleagues • Plan self-improvement • Accept difficulties with aggregation associates • ... amid abounding alternative allowances The key to accommodate with others finer is to administer you first. The bigger you apperceive yourself, the bigger you can chronicle to others, from a confident, defended and able position” - Hendrie Weisinger. Back to Menu Does the PDA accept abstract support? The PDA analysis is a able apparatus with added than 50 years of studies based on altered theories and statistics. It is certified for its appliance in Latin America. The PDA analysis is based on a archetypal with 5 pillars that admeasurement the afterward ambit and their intensities: • After-effects aggressive • People and agreement aggressive Accommodation aggressive • Conformity to Rules • Autocontrole emocional The PDA analysis is based on the afterward theories: 1) William Moulton Marston’s personality anatomy 2) Self bendability approach 3) Perception Approach 4) Semantic Abstraction Back to Menu Similarities and differences with DiSC Abounding appraisal accoutrement are based on the concepts of Affections of Normal People developed by Marston. These accoutrement were created with accent on the advantages and allowances that such methods contributed to the aggressive and alive environment. The aboriginal generated accoutrement were alleged “pure” (PDA). From its aboriginal applications the apparatus embodied its astronomic addition due to the abundance and affection of information. However, the action was acutely apathetic and complex. It would booty 2 hours from the moment the alone accomplished the appraisal until the analyst was able to aftermath the results. In the backward 60’s, Dr John Greier, from University of Minnesota, adapted Marston’s archetypal with the ambition to abridge the action and that was the alpha of what we apperceive today as DISC- Which is annihilation added than a description of Marston’s model. Greier’s simplified adaptation afflicted the aboriginal check and alike admitting the action took beneath time to adapt the result, abundant of the admired advice was lost. Some of the key advice missing from Greier’s archetypal is: • Acuteness Axis: Measures the acuteness of anniversary behavioral tendency. • Contour intensity: Measures how “faithful” the evaluated being is to his or her behavior. It assesses the flexibility/rigidity akin of the being evaluated. • Activity level: Measures the akin of activity available. Provides bigger compassionate of the action and accent level. Bendability indicator:Measures the information’s bendability and affection level. • Self ascendancy Axis: the 5th arbor measures the individual’s accommodation to ascendancy impulses and emotions, accompanying to “Emotional Intelligence”. Already in the 90’s, with the achievability of every Human Resources agent accepting their own computer, internet connection, and the achievability to arrange the action of loading the forms and automatically arising graphs and reports, resurfaced the abounding allowances that the “pure” accoutrement offered to companies over the simplifications provided by the DiSC model..

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