A Critical Essay on Raimondo Pannikar Essay

Raimondo Panikkar is a Roman Catholic Priest who specializes in the analysis of allusive article of faith. He was built-in in Barcelona Spain on November 03. 1918. Possibly. the altered inter acceptance alliance of his changeable parent. who was a Catholic from Catalonia Spain. and his macho ancestor who was a Hindu from a acutely anchored degree Nair from South India. histories best for his captivation in allusive airy doctrine. His apprenticeship besides contributed abundant in this. He was accomplished in a Jesuit academy and he took up actinic science and article at universities in Madrid. Barcelona and Bonn. Afterwards actuality advancing as a Roman Catholic Priest in 1946. and befitting doctor's degrees in Philosophy and Science ( Complutense University. Madrid 1945 and 1958 ) and divinity ( Pontifical Lateran University. Rome. 1961 ) . he larboard for India in 1953 to set about surveies in Indian article and acceptance at the University of Mysore and at the Banaras Hindu University. He authored 40 books and about a 1000 accessories accoutrement with allusive article and acceptance and has deliberated on rules and patterns of multi-faith. which includes amid others. duologues amid Christian-Hindu. Christian-Buddhist and Christian-Secularist. In the book Intrareligious Dialouges. Panikkar said “I larboard as a Christian ; begin myself a Hindu ; and I acknowledgment as a Buddhist. afterwards captivation accomplished to be a Christian. ” ( Panikkar. Paulist Press ; revised edition. July 1999. ISBN 0809137631 ) . Panikkar’s genitalia are broadly quoted and to a abundant admeasurement acclimated to aback up the approach of ( your domiciliary name 2 ) airy pluralism. interfaith and multi-faith surveies every bit acceptable as airy allusive doctrine. THE WEBSITE HTTP: //WWW. RELIGIOUSTOLERANCE. ORG No activity how you call yourself. you should appear your behavior and patterns accurately represented in this web site. – ( ReligiousTolerance. org ) This armpit is a copyrighted ancillary by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance. In their Statement of acceptance the web Masterss said that they are a multi-faith group. As of 2008-FEB. we abide of one Atheist. Agnostic. Christian. Wiccan and Zen Buddhist. Therefore. the OCRT agents absence compassionate on about all apostolic affairs. such as acceptance in a absolute being. the attributes of God. account of the Bible and alternative angelic texts. whether activity afterwards curtains exists. what anatomy the afterlife may take. etc. ( ReligiousTolerance. org ) They advance to recite basal credibility in their acceptance arrangement in a bang manner. and amid others. said that they In alive appear a acculturation that is analogously chargeless of discrimination on the basement of gender. race. animal orientation. gender individuality. faith. civic beginning. concrete disablement. age. etc. ( ReligiousTolerance. org ) . On the larboard barb ancillary of the web armpit there are clickable links of accessories and essays that account amid others. the above faiths of the universe. Non-theistic accessories such as Agnosticism and Humanism. There are besides accessories on Religious Ethical motives. Peace and Conflict. “Hot” Topics every bit acceptable as Laws and News. Over-all the web armpit is credible and straightforward. The interface is absolutely accessible to ( your domiciliary name 3 ) acceptance and absolutely user friendly. The web armpit has assemblage ads. but none of the accepted acrimony pop-ups. and/or angry accomplishments music and alternative doodads that are begin in other web sites. The accessories in the web armpit presented in a argumentation manner. are accessible to advance and capacity are indexed acutely for accessible referencing and retrieval. It is besides brindled with nuggets and citation marks from airy leaders and alternative noteworthy characters. One such analogy is on the basal allocation of the web page. from Mahatma Gandhi “The appeal of the minute is non one faith. but accepted attention and altruism of the admirers of the altered faiths. ( Ghandi ) . The web armpit is a admired ability for advice in the above faiths of the universe. It is an capital alpha of in abyss airy allusive accessories every bit acceptable as accepted issues impacting adoration and pattern. WORKS CITED Pannikar. Raimondo. Intrareligious Dialouges: Paulist Press ; revised edition. July 1999. ISBN 0809137631 ) . Raimon-Panikkar. org Fundacion Vivarium Raimon Panikkar – Tavertet ( Catalunya ) Retrieved February 25. 2009. hypertext alteration protocol: //www. raimon-panikkar. org/index. html ReligiousTolerance. Org. Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance. Retrieved February 25. 2009. hypertext alteration protocol: //www. religioustolerance. org/

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