A Christians Experience In A Mosque Religion Essay

I am a Christian by claimed faith, analysis and through accident of actuality aloft in the church. I accept been a Christian so connected that any alternative adoration to me is of little affair to me personally. But, I do not say this to be beggarly because I accept abounding accompany of altered religions, behavior and races. Whatever they accept in is accomplished with me and carnality versa. I absitively to go to a abbey with my best acquaintance aback fourth brand aback she is a Muslim. I abstruse a lot added than I originally anticipation and this is my journey.

Humama and I accept been best accompany aback fourth grade. My ancestors and chastening are abutting admitting one actuality Christian and the alternative Muslim. To anniversary alternative we are people, friends, and adoration does not ascertain our relationship. I asked Humama to appear with me to the abbey city on King Artery because I would feel added adequate actuality with addition who knew what was activity on. We absitively to go on a Friday, which is their angelic day.

Before abrogation her abode in Goose Creek, we performed ritual alleged a Wudu. It is abrasion of anatomy genitalia important to assuming academic prayers, alleged Salah. She said that there is a base at the abbey for it, or they use a bore for it but it would be easier to do it afore we larboard home. She gave me a dejected accouterments to abrasion with a analogous dark to awning aggregate from our wrists to our ankles for bashfulness and respect.

On the drive downtown, arranged up in a admirable accouterments absolutely out of my normal

form of dressing, I wondered how I would be greeted and how I would be afflicted by this. I accept absolved and collection accomplished the abbey on King Artery abounding times. Afterwards active city for about a year, you would accept to be dark not to apprehension it. It sits there on the bend of King and Romney street, quiet and not architecturally advised like the mosques I accept apparent in pictures. It is simplistic in its architecture for its purpose.

We anchored and absolved to the abbey and I noticed bodies of altered contest entering the abbey which afraid me. There were Blacks, Whites, and abounding bodies of Middle Eastern descent. There were adolescent people, old bodies and all seemed unified in their behavior of Allah. We entered the abbey and entered a quick adoration to absolve the mosque. The adoration had not started yet, so Humama alien me to alternative Muslims in the hallway. My all-overs was abatement somewhat speaking to others that did not assume to apperception I was there, admitting actuality a Christian. Afore entering the absolute mosque, Humama and I took off our shoes to appearance addition anatomy of respect.

Humama and I sat adverse Mecca, afterwards speaking for a few account to the others, she said we could action alternative quick prayers while cat-and-mouse for the address to start. I accomplished for the aboriginal time that the men and women were afar in the mosque. The men were in the advanced and the women in the back, admitting we could still see everything. I noticed that there were two rows of chairs and I saw that the bedridden or men of accent sat there. I sat beside Humama thinking, this is affectionate of arbitrary accepting to sit all the way in aback and not amid the men. In my abbey you sit anywhere, but I pulled the anticipation back, to not adjudicator but participate in her faith. To get my apperception off it, I anticipation to myself that I absolutely enjoyed not accepting my shoes on aback I am somewhat bohemian.

Humama abreast me we were cat-and-mouse for the Imam, the preacher and baton of the

mosque, to appear out and “preach” which is alleged the Pre-Prayer. She abreast that the Imam would usually appear out and accord a address on whatever he admired to or acquaint a religious story. He would after in the address affix the acceptation of it to his sermon. I became a little abrupt cat-and-mouse for the Imam to appear out, but she reassured me that he would be out shortly. Afterwards bristles added account he absolved out and absoluteness assuredly set in that I was absolutely out of my depth.

The Imam, whose absolute name is Mohamed Melhem did not attending like a “preacher” to me. He seemed like a approved man yet accessible to allocution to. He began the address by affable anybody to the abbey and praising Allah. He was accessible to accept to and to understand. He gave a address on confined Allah and fasting. That by abnegation you accretion a afterpiece accord with Allah. Allah is there for us and there is alone one. Adoration should be constant (they adjure bristles times per day) and that the Quran is there to adviser us. He batten of actuality a Muslim in the world, that all aspects of actuality a Muslim should be retained already abrogation the mosque. As a Muslim, your acceptance and how you stick to them in the apple shows how Allah is alive through you.

I noticed that anybody seemed in awe and took in every chat he said. They seemed absolutely adherent to alert to the Imam allege about this, because by attractive at them you could acquaint some begin themselves afresh by actuality amid aeon like themselves. Afterwards finishing the sermon, the Adhan or Azan, did a alarm to prayer. Anybody listened and confused advanced face bottomward alert to the Azan pray. Afterwards the adoration was finished, some bodies connected to adjure and others got up to socialize. The abbey offered aliment to us to accession money for the mosque. The aliment was agnate to what I had eaten afore at Humama’s abode and it was delicious. I do not bethink the names of the food, but it did not amount at the time. Anybody socialized for about an hour and a bisected and some connected to allege about Allah, others about academy and work. Some bodies were advancing in backward accepting aloof got off assignment to appear in at the appropriate time to pray.

Leaving the mosque, I acquainted a little different. The accord of praying with others who get forth admitting your race. The asceticism of abrogation the apple alfresco and award yourself afresh back entering the mosque. Adverse Mecca and anybody praying in one administration and at one time. They all accept the aforementioned way and it shows why they accept such a able community. No one is aggravating to cull abroad and do their own thing. It fabricated me feel afterpiece to my own God, and that it makes activity easier alive that about we all accept the aforementioned acceptance in one God, admitting the altered means we worship. I acquired a afterpiece accord with my best acquaintance and with my God and that absolutely afflicted me.

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