A Case Analysis: Integra and Intex’s Problem Project

Marketing and announcement new technology has consistently been accessible due to the growing trend in business and business of activity electronic. However, not all technology is acknowledged in their access into the apple of business. One actual acceptable archetype of this adventure is that of Integra and Intex’s Cyberbanking and Accommodation Allowance Software Arrangement (BLISS) project. Although the software was completed, it was never alien to acclaim unions. What happened then? How appear such a actual avant-garde activity became a ashen product?  What were the mistakes made? Most significantly, what can the two businesses do to cope with the damaging furnishings the activity has brought about? Case Background The BLISS activity was spearheaded by two firms, namely, Integra Financial Association and Intex Consulting. Integra Financial Corporation, a activity allowance aggregation based in Quebec, Canada, is alive in insurance, assurance services, balance allowance and asset and portfolio administration (Roy, 2003, p. 445). The association is amenable for about 8 billion dollars of assets while the assignment force consists of added than 2,200 abiding advisers (Roy, 2003, p. 445). On the alternative hand, the accomplice company, Intex Consulting is a close that specializes in the accession and architecture of advice systems. It is absolutely a Canadian annex of a ample all-embracing advice arrangement affiliation close who wishes to accretion its arresting abode in Canadian cyberbanking business (Roy, 2003, p. 445). The close is broadly accepted for its ability in the U.S. cyberbanking industry apropos arrangement affiliation and development (Roy, 2003, p. 447). Although Integra has a aggressive allotment in the allowance cyberbanking business, it does not accept the accomplished of Canada. The aggregation alone emerges in Quebec due to one of its altered allowance plan. This plan is the Accommodation and Mortgage Allowance plan, additionally alleged the corporation’s “cash cow” (Roy, 2003, p. 446). What makes it altered from affairs of alternative allowance corporations is its adapted software that enables a customized adding of the costs per applicant and anon links Integra’s database with the accommodating cyberbanking institutions. However, the software is bound for use alone in Quebec area the cyberbanking institutions accept somewhat agnate structures. When it comes to the civic market, Integra cannot adventure into it back the altered cyberbanking structures and institutions are deviating and dissimilar. Thus, the accommodation allowance plan was inapplicable. This actual claiming has accustomed the chase for a way to access the accommodation allowance business in the civic network. It is in this bearings that acquaintance was fabricated with Intex Consulting apropos Integra’s dream software. Thus, afterwards the affair of the two business establishments, the BLISS activity was built-in and launched in the alpha of 1996 (Roy, 2003, p. 448). The primary ambition of the collective activity was to advance an adapted technology band-aid to affix Integra’s accommodation allowance systems with its -to-be clients’ cyberbanking and accommodation systems, particularly, a software arrangement that can arch the differences of the altered structures of the assorted cyberbanking institutions and accommodation systems (Roy, 2003, p. 447). Key bodies in both companies were again appointed for the project’s completion. Anybody was acquisitive to see the after-effects and was actual optimistic because at that time, the activity was a above endeavor and a able success. Everyone saw the angle as a agency to aggrandize the company. In addition, anybody was assured with the accommodation of advancing the project. One would absolutely ask why but why not? Anybody believed that Integra is able of accomplishing so, due to its actual continued and acknowledged acquaintance in accommodation allowance business and that Intex has the audacity of designing and developing an error-free software arrangement back the close is accepted for its competitiveness (Roy, 2003, p. 448).

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