A Baby’s Development in the First Nine Months

Child Name: Harlow 1. How does your baby’s eating, sleeping and motor development analyze to the archetypal adorning patterns in the aboriginal 9 months? p. 102 – p. 109 a. 5 credibility for anecdotic VC’s behavior in anniversary of at atomic two domains and apropos to what ability be accepted at these ages. (10 points) Based on the pediatricians report, Harlow is able to abstract new foods well, so the doctor recommends that Harlow eat a array of foods from the ancestors banquet (ground up). The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Ancestors Physicians advance that babies can alpha debris at about 6 months, although they aren’t bare to until 9 – 12 months” (p. 100). Therefor, my basic adolescent Harlow is advancing forth actual able-bodied with her bistro development. Harlow is additionally befitting up appealing able-bodied with her sleeping patterns. She is afterward the archetypal guidelines of a 9-month year old with aggravating to beddy-bye through the accomplished night and comatose during the day. Harlow readily acclimatized to the new bodies and situations in the pediatrician's office. She fabricated eye contact, smiled at them, and articulate to them absolutely a bit. Harlow has able affecting reactions and has adversity abatement her aback down. The doctor advises backbone in ambidextrous with Harlow's emotions. Harlow's motor abilities are archetypal for age: crawling, sitting up, and continuing up, but not walking yet. “ These antecedent efforts are he antecedents of crawling, in which babies alike the motions of their accoutrements and legs and actuate themselves forward. Ample appears to about amid 8-10 months”. So far Harlow’s advance is on point to how her acoustic motor abilities should be at this age. . At 8 months of age was your adolescent an “easy”, “slow to balmy up”, or “difficult” babyish in agreement of Thomas and Chess’s archetypal bitchy categories? On what do you abject this judgment? p. 145 b. 5 credibility for acknowledgment the category, and 5 credibility for a acknowledging ascertainment on VC’s behavior (10 points) At 8 months Harlow I would say Harlow would be advised and “Easy Baby”, Thomas and Chess describes this contour as accessible babies accept a absolute disposition. Their anatomy functions accomplish regularly, and they are adaptable. They are about positive, assuming concern about new situations, and their affections are abstinent or low in acuteness (p. 140) Harlow absolutely fits in this 40% of infants. Harlow is consistently blessed and actual anomaly with toys, people, and reactions. She tends to appearance abstinent abatement up to low acuteness as well. Set #2: - VC at 19 mos - accept 2 of 3 questions (35 credibility max) 4. Describe and accord examples of changes in your child’s basic or botheration analytic behavior from 8 through 18 months and assort them according to Piagetian and advice processing theories. p. 114 – p. 120 a. credibility for anecdotic an advance or a qualitatively new behavior and 5 credibility for acknowledgment it application a specific Piagetian or advice processing abstraction to allocate the child’s behavior (10 points) At 8 months, my childs substage was Secondary annular reactions. During this period, my adolescent took aloft strides in alive their cerebral horizons aloft herself, and amorphous to act alfresco the world. For archetype instead of aloof acrimonious up a toy, she began application buttons, or application the toy in the actual anatomy and purpose it was created. At 18 months, my adolescent confused on to Beginnings of thoughts stage. This date Piaget argued is the alone date that breed can brainstorm breadth altar that they cannot see ability be. My adolescent was able to alpha acute things in her head. 6. Is your adolescent delayed or avant-garde in any breadth of development according to the 19-month adorning examiner’s report? Based on what you accept studied, do you anticipate this is best acceptable a aftereffect of specific biological or ecology factors? 5 point for anecdotic an breadth of adjournment or advancement, 5 credibility for a antecedent and 5 credibility for affirmation apropos biological or ecology factors from the address or readings (15 points) I feel that my adolescent is avant-garde according to the 19 ages development examiners report. I feel that it has a lot to do with biological factors. As my adolescent grew earlier she became way added acquainted of things and added curious. This led her to go through all the 19 stages and accomplish to the abutting stage. Aboriginal she started application her aperture to blow things, again started application her easily and addition out absolutely what the article was fabricated to do, again ample out breadth the article may go if it fell or it was set beneath a blanket, she ad the compassionate that the article wasn’t gone, but instead it aloof was placed beneath article she couldn’t see. Set #3 – VC at 30 mos - accept 3 of 4 questions (40 credibility max) 7. Describe your child’s advice and accent development in the aboriginal 30 months. Is your adolescent developing at a archetypal or aberant rate? a. 5 credibility for a accepted description of his/her accent development and 5 credibility for discussing specific affirmation of either accustomed or aberant development (10 points) In the aboriginal 30 months, my child’s advice and accent development is actual well. About 2-3 months until the age of one, Harlow was authoritative accent like but absurd sounds. After bristles months she her babbling expanded, and by 14 months she was adage her actual aboriginal words. About 19 months, Harlow was able to use abbreviate sentences. The alone affair Harlow lacks in she has a baby botheration with underextension with words, for instance “blankie”. These are all actual bright clarifications that Harlow is on a acceptable and on clue akin for her accent and communication. . Accept there been any ecology contest in your child’s aboriginal 2 1/2 years that you anticipate ability accept afflicted his or her behavior? On what do you abject your hypotheses? a. 5 credibility for anniversary of two ecology contest – be abiding to explain how you anticipate they afflicted your adolescent (10 points) Two ecology contest that that may accept influences my childs behavior would be, Me not advantageous abundant absorption to Harlow. I anticipate this afflicted her in not actuality able to assurance me or others like she should. Now Harlow sees the chat as actuality acrid and unfriendly, this leads her to accept difficulties basic abutting bonds with others. ( assurance verus mistrstrust stage). Since I accept encouraged Harlow to analyze and be chargeless in safe boundries, she has developed abundant ability ( abandon against abashment and agnosticism stage). 10. Analyze your own parenting aesthetics and practices. What attempt from acquirements or amusing acquirements theory, Bowlby, Ainsworth, Piaget, Vygotsky, advice processing theory, neuroscience or alternative theories do you arise to accept relied on in authoritative your parenting hoices or interpreting your child’s behavior? Include three attempt and analyze one or added theorists who consort these attempt in your answer. a. 5 credibility for discussing an archetype from your parenting that fits a abstraction or assumption from anniversary of three theories you baddest from the account aloft (15 points) I noticed 3 capital theories from the account aloft that I accept acclimated as a parent. 1. ) Ainsworth Strange Situation and Patterns of attachment- I followed and would say has developed Harlow into accepting an clashing attchement pattern. This is a appearance of attchament in which accouchement affectation a comnination of absolute and abrogating reactions to their mothers; they appearance abundant ache back the mother leaves, but aloft the acknowledgment they may accompanying seek abutting acquaintance but additionally hit a bang her. 2. ) Classical Conditioning – I accept begin that Harlow stops arrant back I aces her up becuae she has abstruse to accessory actuality best up with consecutive feeding. Pavlov apparent this approach y, again bond two stimuli, such as the complete of a alarm and the accession of meat , he could accomplish athirst dogs apprentice to acknowledge not alone back the meat was presented, but alike back the alarm was articulate after the meat. (p. 86) 3. ) Erikson’s Approach of Psychosocial development- this is a approach that considers how individuals appear to accept themselves and the acceptation of others- and their own- behavior. My adolescent developed that autonomy-versus-shame-and-doubt-stage because about the age 18 months to 3 years, I gave my adolescent abandon to explore, and she developed ability from this.

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