a 600 words report and several observation questions in GEOG

Lab Purpose and acquirements objectives Report, describe, and adapt your observations of several appearance begin in the Pacific NW. Formulate a antecedent acknowledgment how several landform appearance chronicle to anniversary alternative and explain what took abode to actualize them (Your story). Use the accurate adjustment to anatomy your analysis and explanations. Instructions and Overview a. You are activity to investigate and break a abstruseness about a geological abnormality in our “backyard”.  You will be accustomed several pieces of affirmation and assorted clues and hints absolute geologic advice for you to observe, codify hypotheses about, and interpret.  b. Using the eight pieces of affirmation provided, and the ample map of the Northwest with their locations, accomplish observations and interpretations and almanac these in the table provided You will blazon these up and upload these to Canvas.  c. Hints are provided forth with the affirmation to advice adviser your accumulation and should be acclimated for altercation back authoritative your observations and interpretations. You do not charge acknowledgment these questions in your report. However, altercate anniversary catechism as a accumulation to apprentice about anniversary allotment of affirmation so that you can appear up with believable interpretations and observations. Step 2: Once you accept advised all eight pieces of geological affirmation and accept recorded your observations and thoughts, sit bottomward with your accumulation and advance a anecdotal of what you anticipate happened based on the evidence. Include the means anniversary allotment of affirmation supports your description, i.e., what does your clue announce about the beyond picture.  For example, the attendance of a sesame berry on my shirt ability beggarly that I afresh ate a Big Mac, but it could additionally beggarly I ate a sesame bagel. Step 3. Using the accurate adjustment (see folio 5) write, apart of the group, a bright 500-600 chat lab address accumulation this advice into a anecdotal explaining, or solving, the Pacific Northwest Geologic Mystery.  Note the typed tables of should be absorbed as appendices and can be referred to in the report, but do not calculation appear the 500-600 words.

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