8 Stages of Man

Cameron Roney Lifep Development Eight Stages of Man Account General catechism on childhood: I interviewed a seventy year old woman called Virginia that I met while accomplishing my association service. I asked her to anticipate about her aboriginal ten years of action and to call times that she can bethink actuality cared for. She said that it was her grandmother that did best of the affectionate for her, abnormally aback she was sick. She recalled one time aback she had a absolutely bad atrium infection that her grandmother helped her through. When I asked her if she could anticipate of any time she was not actual able-bodied cared for, the alone time she could anticipate of is aback her ancestor would appear home bombed, which sparked some acute arguments in the family. She recalled action actual absent during these times. Fun times in her adolescence consisted of time with her ancestors aback she did not acquire any accompany as a child. Specifically, she remembered accepting a lot of fun burying attic seeds with her family. Trust vs. Mistrust: I asked her to call her accord with her parents. She said they were actual close, and she went hunting with her ancestor often. She got a lot of developed attention. She advised herself to be appealing cocky codicillary and optimistic admitting her loneliness. She feels that her aloneness from accouchement her age was a big agency in developing her ability and cocky reliance. She was artless of her parents and family, and artless in herself to accord with best problems that arose in her action at that time. Autonomy vs. Shame/Doubt: Virginia appear to be adequately active, and she is. She runs a bounded association donation centermost and does a abundant accord of assignment for her church. She describes herself as cocky reliant. When attractive back, she does not feel that she relied on others actual much. She advised herself to be adventurous, but not careless. She was not ever fearful, but she wasn’t ever chancy either. All in all, she is a actual animate woman for actuality seventy years old. Initiative vs. Guilt: Aback I asked her about her efforts to break active, she batten about her assignment involving the architecture of a new church, her actuality the administrator of the architecture committee, and her assignment at the association donation center. She does a lot to admonition affliction for her mother and helps her accouchement aback she can. She says that all of this is a handful, but she enjoys the activity. She says that aback she was adolescent she did accede herself to be a artistic being and could anticipate alfresco the box. She is an acutely able bodied woman for her age. Industry vs. Inferiority: I asked her to call her career and her accomplishments. She recalls her thirty bristles years as a concrete therapist. She advised it her albatross and calling in life. She talked about one boy in accurate that she formed with who lived out of town. She formed with him for three years because no one abroad could ability him. Aback I asked her about times aback she acquainted that she had been competent and advantageous and developed her skills. She recalls accomplishing a lot of odd jobs which able her a lot of new skills. She begin artistic means to break problems altered to the altered fields she formed in. Aback I asked her to call some times that she acquainted amateur or abortive she talked about times aback she would dissipate herself with too abounding jobs or aggravating to handle an acutely ample workload herself. She considers herself competent and capable, and absolutely has able a lot in her time. General Catechism on Identity: I asked her to anticipate about her encounters with her aeon aback she was amid 10 and 19 years of age. She said that she was not so accustomed by those about her. She was ample as a kid. She confused to a new aerial academy which was in a city. This was boxy on her because she had developed up in a actual abandoned ambience and she lagged socially. She advised this a huge cultural about-face for her. She acquainted actual absent and absolutely had a adamantine time award herself Identity vs. Character Diffusion: Aback I asked her about her adventures as a jailbait aggravating to acquisition herself and who she was and what she capital out of life, she said that she had consistently capital to admonition people. She capital to be an artist for the longest time, but she was beat aback her sister got actual ailing and saw the analysis she went through. She said that is aback she absitively to become a therapist. She says that she has a actual able faculty of who she is and what her purpose is now. She additionally says that she is adequately bullheaded and not calmly afflicted by others. To sum up, she has a able faculty of identity. General Acquaintance Question: I asked Virginia to anticipate aback to her twenties and thirties and the adventures with alien others in her action at that time. She said she had a lot of abutment and advance from those abutting to her. She was not dependant, but it absolutely helped her through some asperous times in her life. Acquaintance vs. Isolation: I asked her to call her marriage, and this is area the aggregate of the account took place. She said that her alliance was asperous at first. Her bedmate was an ex-marine who dead 14 men during his time in the military. He was alienated and actual little admonition took abode amid them. It took him thirty years to accessible up to her. She says that the aftermost years of their alliance acquire been the best rewarding. Her alone affinity died aback she was eighteen, but aback she was animate they were actual close. She was teased a lot, although there was not abundant angry amid them. They relied on anniversary alternative for fun which brought them actual abutting together. I asked her who she acquainted the best adequate affectionate in. She said that she alone absolutely acquainted adequate affectionate in her grandmother and father, but they acquire both anesthetized away. I asked her if there was anyone abutting to her that she acquainted she couldn’t absolutely accessible up to. Aside from her bedmate until the after allotment of their marriage, she talked about her children. She has four, and of all of them the oldest is the best independent. This acquired a lot of abrasion amid them during his adolescents and adolescent adulthood, but they acquire aback developed closer. Her third babe has been diagnosed with amusing all-overs ataxia and she has spent a lot of time aggravating to admonition her accessible up. In my opinion, the alone time that she has had any absolute acquaintance with those abutting to her was during her aboriginal adolescence and backward adulthood. Best of her action amid those times she seems to acquire been appealing isolated. General Generativity Question: I asked her to reflect on her action from ages thirty to sixty five. I asked her to call he adventures of demography affliction of others about her. This was a appealing black allotment of the interview. She said that she generally acquainted bare as a mother. She says that she should acquire gone addition administration apropos the way that she brought them up, and that she generally regretted accepting children. She is now appealing complex with her children, and she helps her youngest babe financially. She gives admonition aback she is asked. She has absolutely able and helped her children, but I anticipate that it is appealing bright that she lacks a action of generativity. Generativity vs. Stagnation: I asked if she feels that she has done abundant to acquire a absolute appulse on those about her. She feels that from her adventures she has abstruse to do bigger and adviser gently. She considers herself to be appealing understanding. I asked her in what means she has approved to canyon forth her knowledge. She says that she has anesthetized her ability forth to her children, and she has done a lot of assignment with adolescent offenders in her association service. She says that she consistently approved to acquire them for who they were, behindhand of what they were ambidextrous with. Apropos generativity, she has had a adamantine time with it, but she feels that she does a lot bigger now that she has her adventures to draw aback to. General Catechism on Integrity: I asked her about her affairs compared to others, and she said that she lives a almost laid aback life. She is adequately algid out and relaxed. She tries to do her part, but she does not feel pushed. I asked her about how she acquainted about her mortality. She said that she is not blissful about it, but she is accepting. She finds abundance in her faith. Integrity vs. Despair: I asked her about her accepted goals. She says that she strives to break active, she wants to apprentice to comedy the piano, and she wants to lose twenty pounds. She feels adequate about her action and the decisions she made. Aback I asked her about her assessment about the approaching of the affiliated states, she said that she is actual bleak about President Obama, the recession we are experiencing, and the civic defeciet.

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