8 Pages Research Paper + 1/2 page abstract , Imam Hussein “Arba’een Pilgrimage”

   The Road, to Karbala *Who’s Imam Hussain? Famous bodies adduce about Imam Hussain? ( adult opener ) *Who was the aboriginal company to Imam Hussain Grave “shrine”? *Why bodies from altered faiths go to the Arba'een Pilgrimage? *Why do Shia Muslims animate Arba’een rituals? And do they do it alone in Iraq or everywhere? *1090 years aching in streets, what is the blood-soaked rain? *Since the Martyrdom of Imam Hussain, how abounding time this crusade has been Stopped for visiting Imam Hussain shrine? And what were Karbala trips costs in history? *How abounding times Imam Hussain’s altar acknowledgment to the invasion, when, and By who? * Arba’een acquisition statics aback again till now? And why above all-around media kept this accident silent?    Useful sources https://whoishussain.org/who-is-hussain/the-day-of-arbaeen/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arba'een https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Husayn_ibn_Ali https://whoishussain.org/who-is-hussain/the-full-story/ http://www.twelvershia.net/2015/11/27/arbaeen-number-of-visitors/ https://www.instagram.com/fotrosmediachannel/ https://www.islamicity.org/6340/history-of-imam-husain-and-his-martyrdom/ Rubric  the analysis cardboard is declared to accept 15 primary sources and 2 accessory sources  *for the accession it should be a one folio accommodate the afterward : 1-"SEXY OPENER": a adventure or a quote 2-broad statement 3-Narrowing statements  4-Thesis statement      *The Body is declared to be 6 pages  *The cessation is declared to be 1 folio and accommodate a: "sexy closer" The cardboard is analytical, not descriptive. Above all, it is a "source-driven" paper. This appointment hones students' abilities to assay agent and to abutment their analyses (thesis account or "argument") from primary sources.         Do not allot any paragraphs to "background." Assume that your clairvoyant already has a "wikipedia-level" associate with the history.         This cardboard is 8-pages long, double-spaced. It is advised to be the breadth acceptable for undergraduate appointment presentations.     In accession to the 8-page paper; acceptance will additionally abide the following:     Abstract (1/2 page) Bibliography (format: Turabian or Chicago Manual of Style) Endnotes (Endnotes are like footnotes, except that they are cited at the end of the paper, not at the basal of the page.) Zotero is recommended as a bibliographic administrator software, but it not required. Please see the absorbed book for the abounding rubric 

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