8 page Public Health Project (Proposal for a Community Health Intervention with Literature Analysis) on HIV/AIDS IN LOW INCOME COMMUNITIES

DUE 8/3 8 P.M EST 8 pages APA not including appellation and advertence page  Read instructions anxiously breach bottomward anniversary area and use subheadings HIV/AIDS TOPIC    Proposal for a Association Bloom Action and Annotated Bibliography For this Final Project, you advance a angle for an action that addresses a accessible bloom botheration articular in a accurate association or one that is accordant to your own Accessible Bloom assay and convenance interests. Project Instructions  To complete this Final Project, you assignment with your adviser to analyze a acute Accessible Bloom affair accordant to your association and/or claimed assay and able convenance interests.  The angle can be for developing a program, an action or a assay study. The Activity will be completed in a architecture consisting of the afterward components: · A 8-page cardboard application APA architecture (not including appellation folio or references)  · A Table of Contents · A Arrangement (components account follows)  The arrangement area of your Final Activity charge accommodate the afterward components: Section I: Introduction (1 page) In this section, you will accommodate the afterward elements: · A description of the bloom botheration you identified · A abrupt outline of the charge for the association bloom action you are proposing · Sources of abstracts that you will use to accommodate a account for your action proposal · A account of the botheration or purpose of your proposed intervention Section II: Annotated Bibliography (3 pages)  In this section, you will accommodate the afterward elements: · An Annotated Bibliography that includes the following:  * Sources: Six to eight contempo (less than 3 years old) primary, peer-reviewed assay accessories that abutment the affair of your paper. Beyond the minimum primary assay accessories that anon chronicle to your articular topic, you may add additional, high-quality accessory abstract (reviews or meta-analyses). You may additionally use websites if they appear from a bookish and accordant antecedent (e.g., CDC, NCHS). Your sources charge chase APA formatting.  o Annotation: For anniversary assay article, accommodate a abrupt description of the abstraction aim, the methods used, and an assay of the above findings. For anniversary nonresearch source, accommodate a abridged description of the accordant key credibility addressed in the source. Accommodate in the comment a abrupt description of how you plan to use anniversary antecedent (e.g., to accommodate statistics for the problem). Section III: Methodology (2 pages) In this section, you will accommodate the accepted goals of your intervention. In your Applied Activity these goals will be revised as SMART objectives. In the present project, this area will accommodate the afterward components: · Your accomplishing plan consisting of the afterward elements:  ** A description of the abstracts based on a needs assessment 1) An account of the proposed action based on your research, appropriate abstracts sources, and annotated bibliography  2) A abrupt outline of the proposed intervention  · A description of the appraisal methods  · A abrupt account of the ethical issues inherent in the methodology · A abrupt account of at atomic three key association stakeholders and why you called them Section IV: Conclusion (1 page) This area will abide of the afterward components: · An account of which of the 10 Essential Accessible Bloom Services (and/or the Certified Bloom Education Specialist [CHES] Areas of Responsibility) your proposed action will address, and why · An account of how your proposed action relates to absolute amusing change Section V: References (1 page)

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