The Petrakis Family Helen Petrakis is a 52-year-old heterosexual affiliated changeable of Greek coast who says that she feels afflicted and “blue.” She came to our bureau at the advancement of a abutting acquaintance who anticipation Helen would account from accepting a being who could listen. Although she is afflictive talking about her activity with a stranger, Helen said that she absitively to appear for analysis because she worries about burdening accompany with her troubles. Helen and I accept met four times, alert per month, for alone analysis in 50-minute sessions. Helen consistently appears well-groomed. She speaks acutely and in abstinent tones and seems to accept beeline anticipation progression; her anamnesis seems intact. She claims no history of biologic or booze abuse, and she does not analyze a history of trauma. Helen says that alternative than abiding aback affliction from an old injury, which she manages with acetaminophen as needed, she is in acceptable health. Helen has formed abounding time at a hospital in the announcement administration aback admission from aerial school. Her husband, John (60), works abounding time managing a grocery abundance and earns the beyond allocation of the ancestors income. She and John alive with their three developed accouchement in a 4-bedroom house. Helen choir a abundant accord of pride in the children. Alec, 27, is currently unemployed, which Helen attributes to the poor economy. Dmitra, 23, whom Helen describes as smart, beautiful, and hardworking, works as a sales adviser for a bounded administration store. Athina, 18, is an ceremoniousness apprentice at a bounded academy and earns spending money as a hostess in a ancestors friend’s restaurant; Helen describes her as ambrosial and reliable. In our aboriginal session, I explained to Helen that I was an avant-garde year intern commutual my additional acreage adjustment at the agency. I told her I formed carefully with my acreage administrator to accommodate the best affliction possible. She said that was fine, congratulated me on advancing my career, and afresh began talking. I listened for the affidavit Helen came to allege with me. I asked Helen about her community, which, she explained, centered on the activities of the Greek Orthodox Church. She and John were affiliated in that abbey and appear casework weekly. She expects that her accouchement will additionally eventually wed there. Her children, she explained, are religious but do not consistently go to abbey because they are actual busy. She believes that the accouchement are too active to be accepted to advice about the house. Helen shops, cooks, and cleans for the family, and John sees to backyard affliction and maintains the family’s cars. Aback I asked whether the accouchement contributed to the affairs of the home, Helen looked abashed and said that John would acquisition it acutely calumniating to booty money from his children. As Helen declared her life, I estimated that the Petrakis ancestors holds able ancestors bonds aural a ample and admiring community. Helen is amenable for the affliction of John’s 81-year-old abandoned mother, Magda, who lives in an accommodation 30 account away. Until recently, Magda was self-sufficient, advancing for account ancestors dinners and active herself arcade and to church. But 6 months ago, she fell and bankrupt her hip and was additionally afresh diagnosed with aboriginal signs of dementia. Through their church, Helen and John assassin a reliable and trusted woman to analysis in on Magda a brace of canicule anniversary week. Helen goes to see Magda on the alternative days, sometimes alert in one day, depending on Magda’s needs. She buys her food, cleans her home, pays her bills, and keeps clue of her medications. Helen says she would like to accept the abettor appear in added often, but she cannot allow it. The money to pay for advice is advancing out of the couple’s vacations savings. Caring for Magda makes Helen feel as if she is declining as a wife and mother because she no best has time to absorb with her bedmate and children. Helen articulate affronted as she declared the bulk of time she gave adjoin Magda’s care. She has chock-full activity arcade and out to eat with accompany because she can no best acquisition the time. Lately, John has bidding acrimony with commons at home, as Helen has been affable beneath generally and brings home takeout. She articulate defeated aback she declared an adventure in which her son, Alec, bidding disappointment in her because she could not accommodate him with apple-pie laundry. Aback she cried in response, he offered to advice affliction for his grandmother. Alec proposed affective in with Magda. Helen wondered if allurement Alec to break with his grandmother ability be acceptable for all of them. John and Alec had been arguing lately, and Alec and his grandmother had consistently been actual addicted of anniversary other. Helen anticipation she could action Alec the money she gave Magda’s helper. I responded that I anticipation Helen and Alec were application artistic botheration analytic and utilizing their assets able-bodied in crafting a plan. I said that Helen seemed to acquisition acceptable solutions aural her ancestors and culture. Helen appeared anxious as I said this, and I estimated that she was afraid to appoint on her son because she and her bedmate ed to amount accouterment for their children’s needs rather than assured them to accord resources. Helen concluded the affair accordant to accede the band-aid we discussed to affluence the accent of caring for Magda.  In our additional session, Helen said that her son afresh mentioned that he saw how afflicted she was and capital to advice affliction for Magda. While Helen was not abiding this was the best idea, she saw how it ability be accessible for a abbreviate time. Nonetheless, her instincts were still cogent her that this could be a bad plan. Helen afraid about alteration the arrange as they were and seemed afraid to footfall abroad from her basic role in Magda’s care, admitting the affliction it was causing her. In this session, I helped Helen activate to analyze her animosity and assumptions about her role as a babysitter in the family. Helen did not assume able to analyze her expectations of herself as a caretaker. She did, however, boldness her ambiguity about Alec’s action to affliction for Magda. By the end of the session, Helen agreed to accept Alec alive with his grandmother. In our third session, Helen agilely absolved into the allowance and appear that Alec had confused in with Magda and it was a disaster. Aback the move, Helen had had to be at the accommodation at atomic already circadian to arbitrate with emergencies. Magda alleged Helen at assignment the day afterwards Alec confused in to ask Helen to aces up a bushing of her medications at the pharmacy. Helen asked to allege to Alec, and Magda said he had gone out with two accompany the night afore and had not appear home yet. Helen larboard assignment anon and collection to Magda’s home. Helen angrily told me that she affected that Magda confused the medications, but afresh she began to cry and said that the medications were not misplaced, they were absolutely gone. Aback she searched the apartment, Helen noticed that the banknote box was abandoned and that Magda’s checkbook was missing two checks. Helen bent that Magda was robbed, but because she did not appetite to affright her, she absitively not to abode the crime. Instead, Helen phoned the pharmacy and explained that her mother-in-law, adversity from dementia, had accidently destroyed her medication and would charge refills. She alleged Magda’s coffer and abstruse that the checks had been cashed. Helen adapted cafeteria for her motherin-law and ate it with her. Aback a annoyed and disheveled Alec accustomed aback in the apartment, Helen agilely told her son about the robbery and able the accent of actual in the architecture with Magda at night. Helen said that the contest in Magda’s accommodation were again 2 canicule later. By this time in the affair Helen was furious. With her face red with acerbity and her easily shaking, she told me that all this was my accountability for suggesting that Alec’s attendance in the accommodation would account the family. Jewelry from Greece, which had been in the ancestors for generations, was now gone. Alec would never be in this agitation if I had not told Helen he should be acceptable to alive with his grandmother. Helen said she should apperceive bigger than to allocution to a drifter about clandestine matters. Helen cried, and as I sat and listened to her sobs, I was not abiding whether to let her cry, accord her a tissue, or arrest her. As the affair was advancing the end, Helen bound told me that Alec has struggled with advancement abnegation aback he was a teen. He is currently on 2 years’ acquittal for control and had afresh completed a rehabilitation program. Helen said she now accomplished Alec was burglary from his grandmother to abutment his biologic habit. She could not possibly acquaint her bedmate because he would aching and abase Alec, and she would not accede cogent the police. Helen’s band-aid was to abolish the backing and medications from the accommodation and to adjustment alert a day to accompany food and anesthetic and analysis on Alec and Magda. Afterwards this session, it was cryptic how to advance with Helen. I asked my acreage adviser for help. I explained that I had offered abutment for a accessible band-aid to Helen’s difficulties and stress. In alteration the advance addendum in Helen’s chart, I accomplished I had misinterpreted Helen’s abhorrence to ask Alec to move in with his grandmother. I acquainted abhorrent about blame Helen into acting alfresco of her own instincts. My acreage adviser reminded me that I had not affected Helen to act as she had and that no one was amenable for the accomplishments of addition person. She told me that alpha amusing workers do accomplish mistakes and that my errors were allotment of a acquirements action and were not irreparable. I was reminded that advising Helen, or any client, is ill-advised. My acreage adviser bidding affair about my ethical and acknowledged obligations to assure Magda. She appropriate that I alarm the canton adjustment on crumbling and developed casework to analysis my assignment to report, and to allege to the bureau administrator about my ethical and acknowledged obligations in this case. In our fourth session, Helen apologized for missing a antecedent adjustment with me. She said she awoke the morning of the adjustment with binding in her chest and a activity that her affection was racing. John collection Helen to the emergency allowance at the hospital in which she works. By the time Helen got to the hospital, she could not bolt her animation and anticipation she ability canyon out. The hospital ran tests but activate no absolute amoebic acumen to explain Helen’s symptoms. I asked Helen how she acquainted now. She said that aback her adjustment to the hospital, she continues to acquaintance conciseness of breath, usually in the morning aback she is accepting accessible to activate her day. She said she has agitation blockage asleep, alive two to four times anniversary night, and she feels annoyed during the day. Alive is adamantine because she is added absent than she has anytime been. Her aback is giving her trouble, too. Helen said that she feels like her anatomy is one big annoyed knot. I appropriate that her affection could announce all-overs and she ability appetite to accede seeing a analyst for an evaluation. I told Helen it would accomplish sense, accustomed the pressures in her life, that she acquainted anxiety. I said that she and I could advance a analysis plan to advice her abode the anxiety. Helen’s analysis goals accommodate removing Alec from Magda’s accommodation and speaking to John about a safe and accurate active adjustment for Magda.    Post a description of ways, as Helen’s amusing  worker, you ability abode Helen’s acrimony and accusations adjoin you. How  might you feel at that moment, and how would you advance a  professional demeanor? Finally, how ability you use self-disclosure as a  strategy in alive with Helen? Support your posts with specific references to the  Learning Resources. Be abiding to accommodate abounding APA citations for your  references.     Drinane, J. M., Owen, J., & Tao, K. W. (2018). Cultural beard and analysis outcomes. Journal Of Counseling Psychology, 65(2), 239-246. Retrieved from Walden Library databases.   Geller, S. M., & Greenberg, L. S. (2012). Challenges to ameliorative presence. In Ameliorative presence: A alert access to able analysis (pp. 143–159). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. Retrieved from Walden Library databases.   McTighe, J. P. (2011). Teaching the use of cocky through the action of analytic supervision. Analytic Amusing Assignment Journal, 39(3), 301–307. Retrieved from Walden Library databases.   Plummer, S.-B., Makris, S., & Brocksen, S. M. (Eds.). (2014a). Sessions: case histories. Baltimore, MD: Laureate International Universities Publishing. [Vital Source e-reader]. The Petrakis Ancestors (pp. 20–22)  

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