7 Up Lifespan Development

Professor Massey 10-22-2009 Lifep development Seven up cardboard In the documentary Seven Up, I had to watch Suzy abound up. Suzy seemed to acquire been aloft with acceptable behavior and with both parents influencing her decisions in video. Back she goes home her mom makes her tea, she watches TV with her mom, does appointment and again sees her father. She is usually in bed by 7 p. m. She seems to be from the aerial chic because of the blazon of academy she is at and how she portrays herself. She is accepting a actual acceptable apprenticeship in the aboriginal video and she capital to go to academy or the university in the area. Suzy letters that she has a boy acquaintance that is 13 and additionally partakes in ballet. She wants to acquire two kids and wants a assistant to advice accession them. Her parents are the best affecting bodies in her activity and acquire been allowance her achieve bigger decisions. Suzy additionally acts a little raciest back she states that she doesn’t appetite to apperceive any black people. I anticipate the actuality that she doesn’t appetite to accommodated any black bodies will aching her in the approaching because anybody in the apple will accommodated addition they don’t appetite to meet. Bodies see all contest and all altered kinds of bodies afterwards trying. She will acquire to acquire the actuality that she will accommodated black people. Suzy’s attitude at her age makes me feel like she will be in abounding relationships. She is alone seven and has a boy acquaintance that is thirteen. I accept that the way she was aloft has an appulse on that. If she was aloft to acquisition a boy and ally him and acquire accouchement that’s what she will try to do. Suzy has a actual approachable personality. At the age of seven she has a admirer and already knows what she wants in life. She wants to accession her kids with advice and at the age of 23 I still don’t apperceive about what I want. She seems like she is beforehand again she absolutely is. I feel that she is this way because it is how her mother and ancestor aloft her to be. I accept her parents told her that she has to assignment for what she wants and that annihilation is activity to be accustomed to her. Her cocky admire seems to be absolutely aerial and she was consistently smiling. I feel like because the way she was raised, she will be able to handle altered affairs in her life. Her faculty of assortment is not actual good. She does not appetite to accommodated any black people, which is not a acceptable affair to acquire in the absolute apple because if she is to assignment in any business she will acquire to assignment with all altered races. Suzy’s adolescent developed awning will be a arduous one. She will acquire to apprentice to assignment with new and altered bodies that she may not appetite to assignment with. She additionally would acquire to accord with affair a black actuality which she fabricated bright that she didn’t appetite to meet. I accept already she allows herself to be able to assignment with all these altered bodies she will acquire a acknowledged activity and career. In her average developed awning years she will be accepting a acceptable career starting to achieve bottomward and actuality home added with her children. She will be able to retire while her bedmate works and booty affliction of the house. I accept all-embracing her activity will be a acceptable one and she will be blessed through best of it. I feel like Suzy will assignment in a business and end up in a aerial position in the business world. As I said earlier, Suzy would like to acquire two accouchement afterwards she gets married. She would like to be affiliated about the age of 27 or 28. She would appoint a assistant to advice her booty affliction of the accouchement while her bedmate and she are at work. I additionally accept that Suzy will achieve about all the goals she set for herself. She had a acceptable arch on her amateur back she was adolescent and I anticipate that helped her out throughout her lifetime.

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