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part 1 7 slides excluding aboriginal and advertence page part 2 16 slides excluding aboriginal and advertence page part 1    You may use either a web architecture in which aliment chains are included or a biomass pyramid format. The appointment charge accommodate the following • Title Page  • Diagram, chart, or analogy of a web architecture or biomass pyramid Description of primary productivity  • Description of a adjustment acclimated to admeasurement the amount of primary productivity • Description of how primary abundance affects the color of the ocean  • List of the factors that account bounded primary abundance to alter amid polar, tropical, and abstemious oceans Description of how the called web or biomass is affected by overfishing Submit your assignment. Resources: • Center for Writing Excellence • Advertence and Citation Generator • Grammar and Writing Guides  • Learning Team Toolkit part 2    Prepare 15 to 20 slides. Add the 8 to 10 slides from the Week Three appointment to this presentation to ability the 15 to 20 accelerate requirement. Include the afterward advice and abode the afterward questions in your final presentation • Accommodate abundant apostle addendum . What are the geological appearance of the selected region area your beastly dwells? • What activity exists in your called region? List the top 10 accustomed abyssal bacilli from your called region. • Select a abyssal beastly from the arena and altercate its adjustment to the ambiance due to two of the above ecology problems adverse our oceans today, all-around altitude change and plastic pollution • Altercate its accord to the alternative bacilli that live in the aforementioned aliment chain. . Accommodate approaching adaptations. • How do the currents and tides affect your selected animal? • Select the aforementioned beastly as you did beforehand in this appointment or addition beastly from the aforementioned arena and accept how it may charge to acclimate in the approaching due to accustomed affairs or pollution. Will your called breed in fact, be able to acclimate to such accelerated changes or go extinct? Save and Close

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