# 7 Drafting and Revising an Argumentative Essay

4-6-page belligerent article on a affair of your choice. An belligerent (or persuasive) article is acclimated to try and change people’s viewpoints or to argue them to acquire a new behavior or action. People hardly accede on what is right, so a well-developed and accurate belligerent article can advice bare truth. This blazon of article can advice you anticipate alarmingly about your own ideas, appraise altered sides, and adjudicator the evidence. In able environments, you may be asked to advice accretion agent buy-in for changes to a dress code, allowances or compensation, procedures, and so on. You will charge to be able to present these changes in a way that will achieve it easier for anybody to acquire them. Developing a abstract is your adventitious to see how able-bodied you accept organized your thoughts. After you address your draft, booty a moment to attending alarmingly at what you accept written. Does your article say what you capital it to say? Will a clairvoyant accept what you are saying? Do you accept a able apriorism statement? Is your altercation solid? Accept you provided acknowledging evidence? These are aloof some of the questions to accede as you assignment on this assessment. The appraisal you abide should be the final adaptation of your essay. Note: The assessments in this advance body on anniversary alternative and charge be taken in sequence. Appraisal 6 is commutual with Appraisal 7. You charge complete Appraisal 6 and accept acknowledgment from adroitness afore you complete Appraisal 7. Demonstration of Proficiency By auspiciously commutual this assessment, you will authenticate your accomplishment in the advance adequacy through the afterward appraisal scoring adviser criteria: Competency 2: Apply advice and use articulacy abilities to aftermath evidence-based accounting work.  Integrate accordant acknowledging references from bookish sources. Competency 3: Apply prewriting, planning, drafting, and afterlight skills.  Apply accustomed conventions of alteration and revision. Competency 4: Apply accustomed appearance conventions and accounting announcement skills.  Use accustomed methods for arguing an issue. Write agreeable acutely and logically with actual use of APA format, grammar, punctuation, and mechanics. Overview In Appraisal 6, you developed an outline as allotment of the prewriting action to advice you adapt and adapt to address your belligerent essay. In this assessment, you will use that outline, forth with the acknowledgment you accustomed from your faculty, to abstract and alter the complete essay. Instructions Write a 4–6-page belligerent article on a affair of your choice. Your article should accommodate the following: Develop a abstract of your belligerent essay. Be abiding you:  Clearly analyze your topic.  Think about who your clairvoyant is and what you achievement to accomplish. Provide bookish research, statistics, and alternative affirmation to abutment your argument. Identify 3–4 capital credibility you appetite to achieve that abutment your argument. Write a bright anterior paragraph, apriorism statement, and conclusion. Use accordant affirmation to abutment your statements. Re-read your article afore you submit:  Are there any grammatical or automated errors? Are there any typos? Is your autograph appearance bright and concise? Do you accept a bright apriorism account and introduction? Is your APA formatting correct? Edit and alter your essay. Explain the accomplish you followed in your alteration and afterlight process. Do not abide your appraisal after this explanation! Additional Requirements Style and Format: Use accepted APA appearance for references. Accommodate a appellation folio and references page. Length: Compose 4–6 pages in accession to the appellation folio and references page. Resources: Cite a minimum of three resources. Font: Use Times New Roman, 12 point.

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