GLO-BUS Accommodation for Year 11 Within the GLO-BUS simulation, your aggregation should complete the aboriginal year decision, Year 11. This Year 11 accommodation will be graded. Go to the GLO-BUS Web armpit and assay the Year 10 advice on your company's operating results. You may ambition to book a archetype of the Year 10 aggregation operations letters to calmly assay the information. When you complete your aggregation accommodation activity, as a team, address and abide a abbreviate cardboard (approximately 1-2 double-spaced pages) allegory your team's antecedent and accepted decisions, and your advancing results. Each affiliate should abide the aforementioned paper. This cardboard is meant to be a rolling assay assessment, which looks astern and advanced in time. It is not accepted you will accept a abounding and complete account of that accurate week's results, above-mentioned to autograph the paper. The ambition for this appointment is for you to indicate: What action you will be implementing. What your best contempo decisions are, and why. What your accepted appearance of your advancing after-effects is. And optionally, area you are activity in the future. You should chronicle your assay to your team's all-embracing strategy, altercate why you fabricated the aggregation decisions you did, altercate the results, and altercate the short- and abiding business and banking implications of your decisions. Reminder: The GLO-BUS decisions are adjourned by the online simulation software. Your adviser will use the appraisal acknowledgment provided in the simulation as able-bodied as the scoring adviser belief to actuate your brand for this assignment.Resources  GLO-BUS Accommodation for Year 11 Scoring Guide. GLO-BUS.

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