Note: There are 2 genitalia to this assignment. Part 1 Based on the John Harrald (et al) commodity blue-blooded “Review of Risk-Based Prioritization/Decision Authoritative Methodologies for Dams,” and your absolute research, accept at atomic 1 adjustment of vulnerability assay and conduct a accident appraisal (RA) application a archetypal of your best or from the archetype provided in this Phase’s materials. There are abounding models to accept from, and sector-specific affairs may abetment you in assay 1 for your sector. After selecting and appropriately referencing the antecedent of your RA methodology, complete the following: Describe how it works. Complete the assay of your asset. Report the findings. Be abiding to identify, list, and call threats, vulnerabilities, consequences, and risks. After anecdotic the greatest risks, action some astute acknowledgment measures. These should be well-researched and sophisticated, and costs associated with these should additionally be presented. For example, for black a agitator advance on the Hoover Dam, advertence “use a aegis guard” is not specific enough, is not necessarily a astute and accurate deterrent, and includes no advice about this as an expense. Your address should be 3 pages, not including a appellation or advertence page, may accommodate tables, graphs, lists, or whatever architecture you accept acutely delivers the after-effects of this RA. Part 2 Not all analytical infrastructures (CIs) can be appropriately protected. Bound assets in agreement of dollars, manpower, time, political will, and so alternating beggarly that assets are in antagonism for support. Economics and political agendas, added cultural, psychological, legal, and alternative factors ability additionally access the allocation of deficient resources. Add the choices to this ambiance of aggressive interests, and baddest an allocation archetypal that you would acclaim to the authoritative or accumulated baton who you would apparently admonish apropos your asset or network. You may additionally accumulate genitalia and pieces from altered strategies depending on any array of elements you charge consider. Example 1 There is a arch in your arrangement that you accede critical, but there are 2 alternating routes in your arrangement by which travelers could bypass a ambiguous bridge. The aboriginal arch may not be analytical or may accreditation a lower allocation of aliment funds, because aliment could be done added consistently and cheaply with cartage rerouted. In such a case, your allocation archetypal ability accredit accretion dollars over 5 years to accomplish a assertive aliment standard. Unless you are an engineer, you ability not apperceive this affectionate of detail or appreciate such schemes. For this acumen and others, you should be researching acknowledgment measures and solutions from subject-matter sources. Example 2 In the attacks of 9/11, Flight 77 comatose into the western face of the Pentagon, killing 184 bodies on the aircraft and in the building. Abounding added ability accept been casualties that day if careful window treatments fabricated of Mylar abstracts had not been installed in the then-recent renovations of that western area. Broken, aerial bottle is a account for abounding injuries and awkwardness in alternative explosions. In this case, a almost simple and somewhat beneath big-ticket band-aid apparently adored lives. If accustomed bound funds to assure the Pentagon, one ability accept to install alone blast-resistant windows. For added on this, see the Pentagon's Renovation Manager's account conference on September 15, 2001, accessible here. The allocation archetypal you accept and address about for this Week's alone activity may be 1 of the strategies Ted Lewis discusses, a aggregate of these models, or a action of your own architecture with or after elements from the alternative models. Be abiding to accommodate the following: Be able to call absolutely how your allocation archetypal works. Describe how it would administer for your assigned arrangement or asset. You charge detail what it will beggarly in agreement of accurate outcomes, or what assets will be activated to your asset or network. Determine what appulse it ability accept for alternative analytical basement priorities in your association or company. Because you are an adviser to a leader, additionally altercate assorted means the association or aggregation ability pay or account these aegis or resilience-enhancing measures. You should be able to altercate and explain the account for any account or ability allowances you use. This will crave additional, absolute research. For example, if you altercate added training for appropriate responders, acquisition out from your real-world association associates or aggregation what such training costs. Remember to anticipate comprehensively, application the 360-degree view. If you are training 1 being for a week, what biking costs charge be included? Is addition being alive the trainee’s shifts, and if so, are these hours overtime? What does that cost? How does the bureau plan for training costs? Even academic scenarios should accept real-world facts and abstracts to draw upon. Provide and appropriately adduce sources for budgets, measures, ideas, recommendations, and so alternating that are fatigued from alien sources. Your address should be 2–3 pages, not including a appellation or advertence page, and may accommodate tables, graphs, lists, or whatever architecture you accept acutely delivers the base for your allocation strategy. Please abide your assignment. Reference Evey, L. (2001). DOD Account Conference on Pentagon Renovation [Interview transcript]. Retrieved from U.S. Department of Aegis Web site: http://www.defense.gov/transcripts/transcript.aspx?transcriptid=1636 Harrald, J. R., Renda-Tanali, I., Shaw, G. L., Rubin, C. B., Yeletaysi, S. (2004). Review of accident based prioritization/decision authoritative methodologies for dams. Washington, DC: The George Washington University Institute for Crisis, Disaster, and Accident Management.

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