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  For this aboriginal DRAFT, you will baddest a affair to abstraction for your Bookish Affair Overview and call why it is an important affair for appropriate apprenticeship agents to apprentice added about.  Please agenda that the added assignment you put into anniversary draft, the added acknowledgment and abutment I can accord you.  Drafts will be graded primarily on completeness, and will calculation against your final ATO grade. ______________________________ [Overview of Final ATO from syllabus: Purpose and Objectives: As your culminating activity for this course, you will complete an Bookish Affair Overview (ATO), in which you can baddest one of the Module topics, abstraction it in greater depth, and abode an bookish cardboard about it. Possible capacity accommodate (but are not bound to): 1) appropriate apprenticeship law or policy; 2) an all-embracing attending at a specific affliction classification; 3) acknowledging multilingual learners with disabilities; 4) culturally accordant apprenticeship for acceptance with disabilities; 5) accord with assorted families; 6) culturally accordant apprenticeship for acceptance with disabilities in a accurate agreeable breadth (e.g., math, concrete education); 7) culturally accordant apprenticeship for acceptance with disabilities in a accurate age accumulation or date (e.g., aboriginal intervention, post-secondary transition). Logistics: Your ATO should: be 8-10 pages long use APA formatting (including 12-point, Times New Roman font; bifold spacing; in-text citations; area headings; etc.) use 10 different sources: at atomic 5 charge be peer-reviewed account articles at atomic 1 charge be accounting BY addition with a disability the actual 4 can be annihilation that helps you bigger accept your affair (e.g., blogs, bi-weekly articles, websites) begin with an Introductionsection that introduces assorted perspectives on your affair and explains why this affair is important to appropriate educators address Themesyou acquisition beyond accessories rather than aggravating to abridge anniversary commodity you apprehend individually address both Areas of Consensus AND Areas of Disagreement accompanying to your topic suggest Implications for Practice – in alternative words, what should a appropriate apprenticeship abecedary do afterwards account your paper? Do you accept added recommendations for others complex in apprenticeship (e.g., administrators, accompanying account providers, families, action makers, etc.)? consider the strengths and needs of culturally and linguistically assorted learnersthroughout the paper(as against to in a accurate section)* maintain anassets-based angle against acceptance with disabilities, their families, and their communities throughout the paper *Some of the sources you use will, unfortunately, apparently not abode cultural and linguistic diversity. You can action a critiqueof those sources, answer how accumulation cultural and linguistic assortment ability change the arguments in those sources. If you are accepting agitation award any sources that abode cultural and linguistic assortment accompanying to your topic, amuse email me for help!]  

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