6 QUICK QUESTIONS - MUST BE 75 WORDS EACH   1. Is administration accumbent with likability or compliance? 2. Do you anticipate actuality a agreeable baton or actuality a baton in acquiescence is added successful?  3. Define administration in your own words. 4. It is said that Leaders attending alfresco the organization, and advance the Vision for the organization. Managers attending central the organization, and amount out the assets that accomplish that Vision a reality. What do you think? 5. What is the aberration amid administration and management? 6. A little story.... When I was in the army we had a little blade baker by the name of Hernandez. Meanest little son-of-a-gun you would anytime appetite to meet. Even attempt the firebase dog in one of his fits. But aback it came to activity above the wire, anybody capital to go with Hernandez, because he brought us back, usually in one piece. We additionally had a new 2nd Lieutenant beeline from the point. Knew all there was about administration and tactics. Aback we had to go into the boscage with him, the abhorrence akin was high, but like it or not, he was the "leader." So there you are. One baton was trusted, and one was not...but they were both leaders and we had to chase them above the wire. So is assurance all-important for a leader?

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