6 Priceless Lessons Learned From a Coconut Vendor in Maui

It was backward July, and I was benumbed up the west bank of Maui on a blooming red Honda Ruckus. I had aloof finished snorkeling in a tiny inlet, area I afraid out for an hour or so with a brace of sea turtles. I was beat and my aperture was horrifically dry, two accepted side-effects of acute snorkeling sessions. Fortunately, I spotted a assurance that apprehend “The Attic Caboose, Abutting Right.” As I approached the small, blithely covered shack, I was greeted by a Hawaiian man that looked to be in his backward twenties. I didn’t apperceive it at the time, but I would apprentice added about the appropriate way to run a business from this attic bell-ringer than I anytime had in college. Related: One hour later, afterwards arresting massive amounts of coconuts, attic ice chrism and attic snow cones, I larboard on my scooter hydrated and my academician beginning with admired business insight. Here is what I learned: 1. Stop selling, and alpha administration your passion. Coconut Bob was added amorous about coconuts than best parents are about their kids. He knew every distinct fact, accomplishment and use a attic could provide. He ate coconuts and advised coconuts. He used them as a conditioner and body lotion, to rehydrate and as a attorney with his vodka. I beggarly this guy’s absolute activity revolved about the coconut. I didn’t feel like Bob was affairs coconuts to me. I acquainted as admitting he was acceptance me the advantage to allotment in his passion. 2. You accept to be accommodating to bullwork like a maniac. Coconut Bob’s ancillary hustle was his attic business. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, he formed as an arborist -- his primary business. On Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday he was a attic vendor. He told me that he woke up at 4 a.m. every morning to ascend copse and beat for coconuts. That way, he could be at assignment by 7 a.m. This guy did not stop working. He was accommodating to bullwork like a bedlamite to get what he wanted, and that was to accomplish money accomplishing what he loved. 3. Do what you do best, alike if that is alone one thing. I abhorrence walking into businesses and actuality handed a account of 101 casework they offer. Listen, if your business is alms added than bristles casework and calling yourselves experts on all of them, you’re lying through your teeth. Attic Bob kept his business archetypal simple. He awash coconuts, and that was it. He didn’t try to get into the Hawaiian taco business. He didn’t attack to advertise seafood. He awash coconuts because that was what he did best. Related: 4. Location, location, location. Coconut Bob anchored his tiny air-conditioned berth abutting to the hottest snorkel aperture on the island of Maui. He knew that aback bodies snorkeled, they got absolutely agog due to the hot sun and alkali water. Sure, he could accept apparently set up boutique in boondocks area there are a greater cardinal of pedestrians. But he was smart. He went area there was no competition and area there was a accessible specific need. He awash hydration to agog annoyed people. 5. Keep your costs down. Coconut Bob awash three articles -- shaved attic ice for $6, accomplished coconuts chopped and accessible for bubbler for $7 and attic ice chrism for $8. How abundant did he pay for anniversary coconut? Nothing. Attic Bob begin a artefact that would amount him abutting to annihilation to sell, and every time addition bought a attic from him it was abutting to 100 percent profit activity anon into his pocket. 6. Amusement every chump like they are the best important being in the room. I bought a snow cone from Bob, and aback I accomplished with it, he refilled it for free. He additionally affected me to sample his bootleg attic ice cream, which was apparently the best ice chrism I accept anytime had. He accomplished me how you can use the fungus from an aloe vera blade to assure your bark adjoin the sun -- and how it wasn't baneful like sunscreen to sea life. He asked me about my family, area I was from, what I did and what my dreams were. He cared. I wasn't a customer, I was a friend. The abutting day I brought aback seven people who were vacationing with me because I was so afflicted with the akin of account he provided. Related: Businesses accept this mentality that their barter are aloof dollar signs. They balloon that money is accept to be analogously exchanged with the amount that is offered. It is absolutely appealing simple. I abhorrence aback business leaders sit about in a pow wow and allocution about means they can access their ROI. As a customer, I don't affliction that you appetite to access your acquirement by 10 percent so you can buy addition aggregation jet. I will abide to accord you my business if you amusement me like I am the best important being in the room. Remember that -- anniversary one of your barter is the best important being in the room. Amusement them as such.

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