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   Ethical Considerations in Global Expansion In Unit 1 you formed a aggregation and started the action of growing your simulation company. As you saw in the Conscious Capitalism videos, and in this Linda Fisher Thornton video-Leading From A Able Moral Center, accepting a able charge to your ethics and ethical attitude is analytical to business growth, abnormally as your aggregation grows and you aggrandize into alternative countries and cultures. In this Assignment, you will assay abounding facets that will be important to accede as you adjudge which country(ies) your simulation aggregation should aggrandize into. For example, you will altercate the four attempt of Conscious Capitalism. Further, you will altercate the role of government operating as a business. Additionally, you will assay three markets for accessible expansion, and highlight bread-and-butter and cultural considerations. Then, with your simulation company’s ethics as a backdrop, you will acclaim and absolve country(ies) for amplification of your business. This Assignment explores the able abilities of; · Global awareness · Awareness of ethical issues and responsibilities · Accomplish ethical decisions and break problems · Assignment finer in teams Assignment Ambition and Thought Process Goal:As a Conscious Capitalism based business, how can we use these attempt to advice us actuate which governments (Amsterdam [Holland], Rio de Janerio [Brazil], Bangalore [India] the countries beneath application expansion) would be the best bout to ensure acknowledged amplification into this country. Thought Process · Business decisions are based on a array of abstracts credibility including, sales, profit, cultural match. Your ambition as a business baton is to accomplish decisions that accept the best adventitious of success so you will charge to absorb as abundant abstracts as accessible afore authoritative your decisions. · If you were activity to be presenting to your administration in a real-world situation, and requesting funds to abutment your amplification plan, you will charge all of this abstracts to be apparent as aboveboard and win abutment for your plan. · The role of government and official behavior accept an important appulse on the advance of their nation(s). · In your simulation, you will be creating affairs to aggrandize to any or all of these 3 areas, Amsterdam, Rio de Janerio, and Bangalore and charge to accept a foundation for authoritative these choices to augment the acceptable sales and accumulation goals. The 4 attempt of Conscious Capitalism can be an added abstracts antecedent for accommodation making · As authoritative behavior will comedy a ample role in our success back accretion we charge to apperceive the following; · Can a government accomplish as a business? · How can we appearance governments through the lens of Conscious Capitalism to advice us accomplish our amplification recommendations? While the attempt are usually activated to business, can we administer them to governments? · What is the ability of anniversary country beneath application for amplification and how abounding principle(s) of Conscious Capitalism do they follow? · How does this advice advice us accomplish amplification recommendations, if our ambition is to aggrandize to countries that accept the arch articulation to these principles? Assignment Details and Rubric- In a 4-6 folio APA formatted cardboard excluding text, diagrams, and alternative visual/oral aids as appropriate, abode the following: · Section 1- The attempt of Conscious Capitalism are usually activated to a business, but to advice us accomplish these choices, we will be applying them to the governments of the countries beneath application for advance but aboriginal charge to acknowledgment these questions; · What are the four attempt of Conscious Capitalism? Describe anniversary of the principles. · Should we appearance government as a business in adjustment to eventually administer the attempt of Conscious Capitalism? What advice does the assay appearance on this topic? Present a counterbalanced assay accoutrement the pros and cons of this approach. You will charge to use at atomic 3 bookish sources to abutment your thoughts in Section 1 in accession to the readings for this week · In general, how would you use the principals of Conscious Capitalism to assay the accessible markets and their governments for amplification goals? · Section 2 -Research the markets that you can aggrandize into from your home abject in NYC (Amsterdam [Holland], Rio de Janerio [Brazil], Bangalore [India]). Do NOT altercate NYC as you are already operating from this location.   · Create a contour for anniversary of the amplification areas (Amsterdam [Holland], Rio de Janerio [Brazil], Bangalore [India]).  Include the afterward information. · Bread-and-butter data, i.e., population, Gross National Product (GDP) · Cultural data; i.e., Hofstede Cultural Dimensions · Which of the 4 attempt of Conscious Capitalism are approved by the government of the country? · Section 3 – Recommendations for expansion. Application the after-effects of this assay and alive the cultural contour your aggregation administration has already creating, accomplish abundant recommendations for amplification progression. This should include; · Accommodate all-embracing description of your company, its products, and alternative accordant advice to abutment the recommendations. · The argumentation that you are application to abutment your recommendations. This can accommodate the projected sales and accumulation information, the links to Conscious Capitalism, any alternative factors which formed your recommendations. As you assignment in this Assignment you may appetite to allotment your advice in the aggregation amplitude so the aggregation can use it in the controlling process. Remember that differences in assessment are a abundant apparatus for altercation and added capability in accommodation making

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