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CLASS DISCUSSION PRESENTATION WRITE-UP (100 POINTS) Within three weeks afterward your chic presentation, anniversary being is to adapt a six-page abode that includes the afterward parts. Anniversary allotment should abode the alone person's addition to the presentation whether the presentation was a accumulation activity. o   Purpose--Briefly explain what you hoped to achieve in your presentation (20 points). o   Preparation--Explain what you did to adapt for your allotment of the seminar, including the assets you drew upon, and another account you had for the presentation (15 points). o   Integration--Explain how your alertness for the chic chip advance readings and abstracts with alternative resources, your interests and above-mentioned ability and ability (20 points). o   Evaluation--Briefly call how able the presentation was all-embracing in accomplishing its advised purposes. Comment on the capability of your alone addition to the capability of the accumulation presentation. Capability includes (a) accurateness of concepts and advice presented, (b) accuracy and alignment of handouts and presentation, (c) acknowledged affiliation of advance concepts and readings with the account and advice you presented, (d) appulse on associates of the chic in agreement of their learning, understanding, and acknowledgment of the key concepts and account presented (20 points). o   Reflection--Write a two-page cardboard that summarizes article important you abstruse from advancing for, presenting, and cerebration about your chic presentation. Clearly analyze the issue, idea, criticism, new awareness, or acumen that arose from your captivation in the seminar. Then explain why what you abstruse is important for you and others (25 points). o   Important Note-- The six folio arbitrary of your purpose, preparation, evaluation, and the absorption of your academy presentation bookish action are acclimated by the adviser to accredit alone grades for the activity. The adviser will accredit credibility to anniversary allocation of the your arbitrary abode as adumbrated above. One archetype of any handouts you acclimated during the presentation of your academy charge be added to your arbitrary report.  (Note: This two pager is included in the appropriate six pages.)

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