6 Journal Entries

   Each  entry  should  highlight  the  ways  in  which  various  topics  covered  in  this  course  have  influenced  the  ways  in  which  you  think  about  the  institution  of  the    family,  marriage,  relationships  and  other  constructed  identities.  This  assignment  is  an  opportunity  for  you   to  consider    the    ways    in    which    your    individual    lived    experiences    challenge    and/or    confirm   contemporary scholarship on alliance and the ancestors as discussed in this course. Journal Access #1-Why Study Ancestors and Alternative Close Relationships? Use analysis and/or your acuteness to address a day in the activity adventure of your mother, father, grandparents or  siblings back they were your accepted age. What account ability such a absorption exercise accept on how you  view and/or chronicle to the person(s) you wrote about? Journal Access #2 –Social Class Re-read pgs. 58-62 1)   How does your activity analyze to those of Tommy Johnson and Randall Simmons? Whose activity is  closer to yours. Can you anticipate of means in which assets has accurately shaped your personal choices and behaviors? 2)   In a country as “free” and accessible as the U.S. why does assets still appearance our choices and behaviors? Journal Access #3- Ancestors and Intimate Relationships In what means accept your intersecting identities of race, gender, class, sex, ethnicity and amusing chic informed  your behavior about education, parenting, family, expectations of accouchement and conduct style. Journal Access #4-Marriage Imagine or call your own bells and the captivation of your ancestors in the planning process.  In what  ways did you absorb ancestors traditions and acquaint new ones? In what ways, if any, did you feel pressure to accommodated assertive expectations (costs, allure lists, location, etc.)? What rituals or acts were performed to  illustrate  the  coming  together  of  two  families?  Finally,  considering  the  various  types  of  marriages  discussed in Affiliate 7, what do you anticipate makes for a acknowledged marriage? Journal Access #5-Thinking about Parenthood & Adopting Children Describe the time about the moment you accomplished that your mother and ancestor or alternative affectionate figures were in actuality not absolute or “normal”. In what means has this ability impacted your ethics about parenting, gender norms and adopting a family. Journal Access #6-Helping Families Flourish For this entry, I ask that you anticipate about the activity acquaint you’ve abstruse appropriately far in activity and abstract a letter to a adolescent sibling, adolescent or alternative relative. In the final affiliate of our textbook, the columnist asks the question, “What do Families charge to Flourish?” and in your letter you accept the befalling to allotment your own words  of acumen about what the receiver of your letter may charge to apperceive in adjustment to flourish. After autograph this  entry, I animate you to allotment this access with the advised almsman if you choose.

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