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           Case Study of Ben (Part One) Ben is a 46-year-old computer scientist at a ample university. In contempo weeks, his wife has noticed that he has been "different." He is actuality apparent on your account at the bounded hospital, area you are asked to appraise him. Ben is a adverse interviewee. He does not appetite to allocution to you, and has fabricated it bright that he is actuality adjoin his will. In contempo weeks, according to his wife, Cindy, he has been moody, irritable, and more inappropriate in his accomplishments and comments. For instance, Cindy tells you that aftermost Friday night at a adjacency party, he went up to an adorable adolescent acquaintance and, afterwards allurement if she was accepting as acceptable a time as he was, put his duke on her breast. She reacted furiously, and Ben seemed afraid at her reaction. The adolescent woman's bedmate pushed Ben away, and Ben became bent and addled the man. Cindy is ashamed and says Ben has never been like this afore now. In the past, she says, he has consistently been affectionate and respectful, "even a little shy." Yesterday morning, Ben began to eat his breakfast atom with his fingers. Cindy says he larboard for assignment abundant afterwards than accepted and seemed to be accepting a adamantine time acclimation his briefcase, his keys, and so on. "Lately, he has been authoritative all kinds of affairs and again aloof not afterward through on them, which is so clashing him. He has consistently been absolute careful, absolute well-organized, and back Ben makes plans, he consistently keeps them." But yesterday, afterwards Ben larboard the car active in the driveway and took the bus to work, Cindy became alarmed. She alleged their ancestors doctor, who beatific Ben to the hospital for this evaluation. Cindy says annihilation has happened to Ben that ability explain his change. Ben admits he has had lots of assignment accent lately, "because of my goddamn boss's stupidity." He is surly. He snaps at his wife, "What do you mean, annihilation has happened? You idiot, what about that asshole bang-up of mine?" His wife is ashamed at his awkward language. Back you ask Ben if annihilation abroad has gone amiss afresh that ability explain his irritability, he snaps, "Isn’t that enough?" but again considers the question. He starts to speak, again seems absent by article on your bookshelf and shrugs his acknowledgment off. Cindy mentions that about six months ago, Ben was in an auto blow in which his car rear-ended the agent in advanced of him. Ben, who was a passenger, hit his arch on the rear-view mirror. Ben was taken to the emergency allowance for an X-ray, which had abrogating findings. Cindy was instructed to adviser him for 24 to 48 hours for any signs of academician injury, but annihilation appeared. Alternative than a slight headache, Ben was his accustomed cocky the abutting day. The causticity and aberrant behavior did not alpha until about bristles canicule ago, about six and a bisected months afterwards the accident. No alternative traumas were noted. Ben works 50 hours a anniversary for a software company, earning about $130,000 per year. He has consistently had accomplished reviews and never absent a promotion. He is abutting accompany with abounding coworkers and consistently had a lot of friends. He is still abutting with a cardinal of his aerial academy and academy friends, and frequently calls old neighbors on the telephone. "Everybody brand Ben,” says Cindy. “That is why I was so abashed by what he did aftermost Friday and by how he’s started swearing and acting so . . . gross.” Cindy and Ben met and affiliated about 23 years ago. It is the aboriginal alliance for both of them, and Cindy says it has consistently been a acceptable marriage. "We had some fights a few years ago, a affectionate of asperous spot. Everybody goes through that. I anticipate Ben got a bit over complex with one of the women at work, but we got through that okay. That was maybe 10, 11 years ago." Ben action and says, "Over involved? I ambition I'd a ashore it to her, goddamn it! She was something!" His accent is lecherous. Cindy says there has never been any separations or allocution of divorce. "Nothing was anytime that troubling; aloof a few arguments," she says. Their sex activity has consistently been fine, and they accept "lots of fun" back they go out together, which they accept done weekly, until aftermost Friday. Ben did actual able-bodied in aerial academy and college, earning about beeline As and a atom on the Dean's account nine times in college. He accelerating with ceremoniousness and landed the best job out of anyone in his class. His parents are still alive, active in Arizona. Neither is in abundant health, but there is annihilation actively wrong. Ben and Cindy biking to Phoenix to see them alert a year and anybody gets forth well. Cindy says she has heard no decidedly bad belief about Ben's childhood, and he agrees. He is still abutting with his alone brother, who is three years older. At this point, Ben stands up and asks you who you are and why you are here. You explain, and he seems relieved. He had seemed hardly anxious. You inquire, but he after-effects you off. Cindy says Ben had had a brace of glasses of wine at the party, but he has not had a alcohol back Friday night. Usually, he drinks two or three glasses of wine on a weekend, and conceivably one bottle anniversary black with dinner. He has never had a bubbler problem, according to Cindy. Ben refuses to answer, but a analysis of his medical annal afterwards confirms Cindy's information.  Ben additionally has had a appreciably advantageous life. Except for a tonsillectomy back he was nine and the surgical abatement of an impacted acumen tooth, Ben has had no injuries, no illnesses, and no accidents consistent in any bloom problems. He takes no medication, not alike aspirin. He does not get headaches. He is not overweight; in fact, he jogs four afar anniversary day and feels in acceptable health, he says. He smirks briefly at you and says, "You could use a few afar a day, Doc.” Back Cindy reacts, he snaps at her, "Oh, get with it, baby!" 

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