6-2 Drafting slides

Overview: Presentation: Your Affair Through Two Lenses In acquirements block 6-1, you created a appellation accelerate as able-bodied as an addition for your presentation. Now, you will altercate the two lenses that you accept called to focus on. The appellation of your aboriginal lens will go at the top of your aboriginal lens slide. You will accept capacity and examples from your analysis to allegorize how professionals in the acreage attending at your topic. In the archetype presentation on billow pollution, the aboriginal lens called was historical. Through research, it was apparent that adolescent accouchement and aged were affected. Some questions articular on the KWL Chart were: Were all bodies afflicted by abuse equally? Did abuse affect people’s activity span? You will apprehension in the archetype presentation that the answers to the aloft questions were summarized. Capacity from the commodity would additionally be included here. Next, you will actualize the accelerate that focuses on your affair through the additional lens. As with lens one, you will analyze capacity and examples articular on the KWL Chart in modules 4 and 5. In the archetype presentation for lens two on smog, amusing sciences was chosen. Capacity ability accommodate that billow affects the activity force and costs $225 billion common by causing laborers to die prematurely, or that in low- and middle-income countries, 90% of the citizenry is apparent to alarming air quality. Please appearance the sample presentation to appearance how this advice is presented and again administer it to your own presentation. Finally, you will additionally be account about apery and summarizing, both of which will be important for you to accept and convenance accomplishing as you actualize your slides or sections. Credo Resource: 6-2 Drafting Slides for Your Two Called Lenses Complete the assigned account in CREDO. This account shares advice about apery and summarizing, which should advice you with autograph advice for your slides or sections in this and the abutting few acquirements blocks. 6-2-1 Activity: Draft Aboriginal and Additional Lens Slides for Your Presentation (Ungraded) Review the “Pollution and History” and “Pollution and Amusing Science” slides or sections aural the Presentation Exemplar. Then, accessible your adored presentation from the antecedent acquirements block and locate and complete the slides or sections advantaged “Topic and Lens 1” and “Topic and Lens 2.” On the slides or sections, explain how your affair is beheld through the anniversary of the lenses by aboriginal anecdotic the lens and again acquainted capacity and examples accordant to that lens in adjustment to explain how your called affair is beheld through anniversary lens.

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