Answer all Eight (8) questions. · Submission Requirements ü All sentences charge be grammatically correct, and chargeless from spelling errors. ü Your acknowledgment for anniversary catechism should not beat 250 words. ü Submit a Single Microsoft Word Document. ü Font: Times New Roman, Size 12, Double-Space. ü Cite all references acclimated in APA format. 1. What is the purpose of defining a framework for IT aegis policies? 2. Why should an alignment accept a alien admission action alike if it already has an adequate use action (AUP) for employees? 3. What aegis controls can be implemented on your e-mail arrangement to advice anticipate rogue or awful software bearded as URL links or e-mail accessories from advancing the workstation domain? What affectionate of action analogue should you use? 4. Why should an alignment accept anniversary aegis acquaintance training that includes an overview of the organization’s policies? 5. Consider the afterward absolute apple situation: A retired Japanese Coast Guard baiter (Takachiho) was awash to a pro-North Korean alignment after accepting assurances that abyssal abstracts was deleted. The decommissioned convoying baiter could accept had as abounding as 6,000 locations recorded over the 250 canicule of use. The baiter was apparently awash to be angry into scrap. Weapons and radio accessories were removed, but no procedures were in abode to ensure that abyssal abstracts was deeply deleted. It is alien if abyssal abstracts were recovered from argosy disposed of through accomplished sales (Muncaster, 2013). Why was the abyssal       data on the Japanese Coast Guard barge not deeply deleted? How could the       lost abyssal abstracts accommodation civic security? How could the       Japanese Coast Guard address an able abstracts auctioning policy? Is a       self-assessment of able aegis action a acceptable augur of absolute       security? Why or why not? 6. What is meant by Governance Framework? Why is ISO 27000 acceptance added adorable to companies than COSO or COBIT certification? 7. Locate and apprehend NIST SP 800-53 Revision 4. What are the key allowances of this standard? 8. In your opinion, is the COBIT framework above to the alternative standards and frameworks such as the ISO 27000 and NIST? Why or Why not? References Muncaster, P. (2013, April). Japan forgot abstracts clean on address awash to Pyongyang. Retrieved September 18,  2014, from http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/04/29/japan_coast_guard_forgets_wipe_data_norks/

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