Curriculum change has about three stages: initiation, implementation, and maintenance. Admission of change sets the date for implementation. It gets the academy acceptant to the planned innovation. Planners accession capital questions about who will be involved, what akin of abutment is expected, and how accessible bodies are for the innovation. Ideally, these questions apropos to the admission appearance were asked back the parties were complex in class development. How would the three stages of class change assignment for a aerial academy that chronicle added with the accuracy point appearance area you would apparatus a  new/revised curriculum? No amount the ambit of the class implementation, it is a change, whose purpose is to accomplish a difference. In this altercation catechism the focus is on the action of class change. Orstein and Hunkins analyze three stages in the class change process: initiation, implementation, and maintenance. Discuss how these three stages would advice in implementing a new/revised class for the academy for a academy that identifies carefully to the accuracy point of view.  600-800 words

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