Case Project 6-1:  Planning Fixed-Mobile AccessYou assignment for a arrangement consulting firm, and you accept been assigned to adapt a presentation for the admiral of an action esplanade aggregation who are anxious about advice costs and affair chain back advisers use their company-issued cellular phones. The arrangement at the esplanade includes all-encompassing 802.11-based APs central buildings, but abounding alfresco locations at the esplanade accept no WLAN coverage. Advisers generally use cellular phones for articulation communi-cations because they are frequently affective about the park. To save costs, the admiral are absorbed in accepting cellular phones use the WLAN back it is in range. The admiral accept almost little training in arrangement technology, so you charge to pres-ent the concepts of fixed-mobile aggregation and internetworking with alien networks in a way that the admiral can understand. Adapt a accelerate presentation and a 5- to 10-minute altercation to abode the controlling concerns. You additionally charge to abode how to adapt the WLAN to abutment fixed-mobile convergence.

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