Quantitative Critique Prompt: Use the absorbed commodity provided. Start by bushing out the provided Quantitative analysis worksheet. Then, application the worksheet as your guide, abode a appraisal to dig added into anniversary area and analyze the specific examples of anniversary aspect (e.g., what is the analysis question? Does the columnist absolve the accent of the research? In the case of a abstract review, has the columnist advised the accordant literature?). Elaborate on anniversary area and appraise it for its strengths and limitations. Be abiding to analyze your called commodity and abode the afterward analytical elements:  Appraisal o Purpose and Analysis Question: What is the analysis question? Does the columnist absolve the accent of the research? o Architecture and Methods: What architecture and methods were used? Are they accurate and systematic? o Validity and Reliability: Is the abstraction accurate and reliable? (For qualitative research, this area of your appraisal should accede the study’s abidingness and rigor.) o Allegation and Conclusions: Are the abstracts reasonable accustomed the findings?  Evaluation: What are the strengths and weaknesses of the analysis article? Do you accede with the author’s conclusions? Why or why not? Did the columnist accomplish or abort in the purpose of the study? Recommend areas for advance or advance administration for approaching research. Guidelines for Submission: Your cardboard charge be submitted as a 1–2 folio Microsoft Word certificate with bifold spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, oneinch margins, and in APA format. PLEASE FOLLOW RUBRIC AND GUIDELINES ATTACHED.

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