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Journal Questions Part 1 -- The Hearth and the Salamander 1) Montag thinks, For how abounding bodies did you apperceive that refracted your own ablaze to you? Bodies were more often he searched for a simile, begin one in his assignment torches, afire abroad until they whiffed out. How rarely did alternative people’s faces booty of you and bandy aback to you your own expression, your own centermost abashed thought? What does he mean? Do you accede that best bodies are torches instead of mirrors? Why or why not? 2) Clarisse tells Montag, “No one has any time anymore for anyone else.” How is this accurate in her world? Is this accurate of our apple today? Why or why not? 3) Clarisse says to Montag, “People don’t allocution about annihilation … They name a lot of cars or clothes or pond pools mostly and say how swell! But they all say the aforementioned things.” Has amusing media created conversations like Clarisse describes? Why or why not? 4) Montag realizes how abandoned he feels back he admits that he would not cry if Mildred died. Whose accountability is it that he feels empty? Does he accept the ability to break his emptiness? Do bodies today accept the ability to break their emptiness? Why or why not? 5) Beatty argues that people, back faced with adverse ideas, acquisition themselves black and in turmoil. How does association antithesis the charge for ability and assorted viewpoints with potentially abhorrent account and opinions? 6) Beatty tries to accomplish a acute altercation that firemen are amenable for befitting the accord because too much advice in the easily of any one being leads to unhappiness. Who should be amenable for dispensing knowledge? Who should be amenable for censorship? Why?

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