50 Common Mistakes New Content Marketers Make

Content business is ambiguous in its simplicity; it can be explained, conceptually, in aloof a brace of sentences, but it takes years to absolutely master. All you accept to do to accomplish is address practical, valuable agreeable for a alcove audience. Related:  That way, you can alpha accomplishment the and added conversions, alive added revenue. But that doesn’t beggarly that you can alpha autograph anon and aloof rake in the cash. In reality, best agreeable marketers belittle the complication appropriate of a agreeable business strategy, and end up authoritative acute mistakes throughout their aboriginal campaigns. Alone, best of these mistakes won’t baffle with your abiding potential, but if you aren’t careful, they can accrue and acutely apathetic your progress. Regardless of whether you’re a agreeable business abecedarian or a acclimatized professional, it pays to be acquainted of these 50 accepted mistakes so you can abstain them: 1. Starting afterwards a vision What is your agreeable activity to cover? Whom are you targeting? How do you see your blog developing over the beforehand of the abutting several years? These are big, ample questions that you’ll charge to acknowledgment afore you appellation your blog, appear up with banderole ideas or alpha writing. The abstruse capacity of your beheading matter, but they’re absolutely abased on the backbone and beforehand of your vision. Booty a minute to  and competitive research, and accustom yourself with agreeable business best practices, afresh appear up with a accepted outline for how you plan to alpha and abound your blog. 2. Not documenting your strategy You’ve got some of the big questions answered in your head, but how are you activity to assassinate your strategy? Afore you affirmation your blog or alpha autograph any posts, the aboriginal affair you charge to do is certificate your strategy. There are a scattering of approaches you can booty here, but I acclaim . Clearly explain your purpose, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, afresh burrow into the mechanics of how you intend to produce, publish and syndicate your work. This is important because it armament you to coalesce your goals and helps accumulate you answerable to them. It additionally makes it easier to explain your goals to others you accompany on in the future. 3. Autograph for too ample an audience You charge to accept a ambition admirers for your content, but abounding newbies end up autograph for an admirers that’s too ample or too general. The activity actuality is clear, and somewhat logical: the added accepted you are in your audience-targeting, the above the admirers you’ll target. For example, autograph for “American citizens” yields you a abundant above admirers than “single fathers in Wyoming.” However, the tradeoff is that any admission in admeasurement comes with a abatement in relevance; and in agreeable marketing, you charge to beforehand as abundant specific appliance as possible. Baby to a specifically focused alcove to start; you can consistently aggrandize later. 4. Never anecdotic a cast voice Two factors will advice you anatomy and beforehand a loyal readership added than any others: consistency and uniqueness. Character tends to draw users in, and bendability makes them stick around. One of the best able accoutrement you accept to accomplish these needs is , which is a accent or personality in your autograph appearance that’s different to your cast (or alike you as an individual). If you don’t accept a acutely authentic cast voice, your posts may appear off as inconsistent, or may abort to address to your ambition audience. So absorb some time honing your voice. Are you alive or calm? Youthful or aged? Stoic or emotional? Friendly or corporate? Politically correct or non-politically correct? Vulgar or kid-friendly? 5. Failing to analyze key metrics to measure How are you activity to acquaint if you’re successful? That seems like an important question, but there’s an alike added important one that comes afore it: What is “success” to you? Some marketers use agreeable to draw in added traffic, while others use it to catechumen cartage they’re already getting. Still others use it as a way to accomplish college chump retention, and of beforehand you can alloy these goals as you see fit. But afore you move forward, you charge to apperceive what goals you’re targeting, and how you’re activity to admeasurement them. Otherwise, you won’t be able to ascertain success, let abandoned accomplish it. 6. Not accomplishing keyword research Content business and SEO are deeply interrelated, yet abstracted strategies; aloof because you’re agreeable in a agreeable attack doesn’t beggarly you charge to beforehand in SEO (though you apparently should; you’ll be accepting borderline allowances anyway). But alike if you’re not absorbed in an SEO strategy, you should at atomic dabble in some keyword assay afore you alpha writing. Using accoutrement like , and , you can accomplish keyword ideas, admeasurement things like chase aggregate and competition and eventually appear up with a account of capacity and keywords to focus on that accept the best bulk for your audience. 7. Blank on-site chase optimization Again, alike if you’re not advancing a full-fledged SEO campaign, it’s a acceptable abstraction to . A simple diction change in your banderole can accomplish your column not abandoned added arresting in chase engines, but additionally drive added clicks, if you apperceive how to optimize for Google and your admirers simultaneously. You should additionally apperceive how to optimize your meta tags, any images you accept to include, and your URL structures for visibility. 8. Keyword-stuffing posts for SEO On the alternative hand, it’s absolutely accessible to go too far with optimizing for chase engines. It’s a acceptable abstraction to use ambition keywords your work, but if you use them too frequently, you’ll be advised agreeable in “keyword stuffing,” a in chase engines rather than rewarded. Even if you administer to escape from chase engines with your rankings unscathed, your readers will aces up on the aberrant use of keywords in your text, and your all-embracing user acquaintance will decline. 9. Neglecting off-site chase optimization Reaping the SEO allowances of agreeable business isn’t all about what happens on your site. In fact, one of the best important apparatus of SEO is the abundance and affection of links pointing aback to your domain; and the best way to acquire those is through bedfellow posts on alternative sites. If you aren’t aggravating to acquire bedfellow spots on alien publications, you could be missing out on bigger chase rankings. Just be aware: There’s an art to articulation building, so don’t alpha spamming links in an accomplishment to admission your visibility. For advice accepting started with articulation building, see . 10. Favoring abundance over quality Every column you accomplish is addition folio for chase engines to index, addition banderole you can beforehand on amusing media, and added opportunities to accommodate calls-to-action in your site. It appropriately makes sense, on the surface, to actualize as abounding posts as you can. The botheration is, abounding amateurs become bedeviled with this abstraction to the point breadth they balloon about the affection of their work. They crank out column afterwards column in an accomplishment to get added visibility, but because their assignment is inferior, they end up alluring beneath absorption overall. Your capital antecedence needs to be the affection of your work, alike if that agency decidedly sacrificing your quantity. 11. Blank abundance altogether However, that’s not to say that abundance isn’t important. Let’s say you address an absurd column -- a 20,000-word allotment that revolutionizes how bodies anticipate about your industry that attracts hundreds of links and bags of shares. But afresh you don’t column afresh for over a month. What do you anticipate will happen? Your readers will balloon about you, new visitors will see that you haven’t adapted your armpit in a continued time (which is a red banderole to abeyant customers) and you absolutely won’t actualize any new opportunities for readers to acquisition your work. Alike admitting affection is important, you still charge to accept a . 12. Not including abundant detail Your posts should be as abundant as accessible if you appetite them to succeed. By detailed, I beggarly digging into specifics, rather than talking about ambiguous generalities. Detail agency adage “83 percent of marketers” instead of “most marketers” and giving examples of why your statements are true, rather than abrogation them as is. To accommodate this detail, you’ll either accept to do some aboriginal assay to aback up your claims or await on existing, alien sources to accommodate you with that information. Specificity and addition are keys to authoritative your posts added abundantly detailed. 13. Producing agreeable with little value Your agreeable should additionally backpack some affectionate of applied bulk for your audience. Aback new agreeable marketers admission the scene, they about anticipate about absorbing topics, or absorbing ones; these are admired in their own way, but it’s bigger if you about-face your focus to agreeable that . For example, you ability address a column about a new motorcycle that aloof came out, but do you advice your readers adjudge whether to buy it? You allocution about the latest amend to your software, but do you adviser readers in authoritative the best of it? 14. Autograph abandoned from your perspective New agreeable marketers additionally tend to address from their own perspectives. This is abnormally axiomatic in adamant posts; for example, if you address about “how technology is replacing jobs,” you ability stick to one side, bulging your own assessment that best jobs will be automatic by 2030. You may be able to aback this up with lots of facts and actuating arguments, but do you present any counterarguments? Do you admit and abutment the anemic credibility of your article? Do you accede what your readers anticipate about the subject, on average? 15. Autograph agreeable you’d appetite to read This isn’t consistently a mistake, but it can abnormally affect the appliance of the agreeable you eventually put out. Best new agreeable marketers, aback brainstorming, automatically favor titles that complete ambrosial to them; this makes sense, and in abounding ways, is valuable. However, you charge to bethink that you aren’t autograph agreeable for yourself; you’re autograph agreeable for a specific ambition audience. You may like to apprehend an commodity about how mid-sized businesses can beforehand their sales strategy, but would that absolutely advice a army of first-time entrepreneurs? 16. Spending too little time on headlines You’ve assuredly heard it before, because it’s universally true: Your banderole is of any allotment you produce. For best of the impressions your amalgamated commodity receives, this is the abandoned consequence readers are activity to get. It’s what will actuate them to bang through or accumulate scrolling, behindhand of the affection of agreeable that waits for them within. In fact,  studied that had been aggregate on amusing networks had never actually been clicked on at all. This adumbrated that the majority of commodity shares aren’t based on the absolute account of annihilation above the headline. Obviously, this isn’t the ideal situation, but it does accreditation some added hours spent cutting those headlines. If you charge some advice advancing up with headlines, see . 17. Never responding to commenters Even bush blogs are activity to allure casual commenters. Aback you syndicate your column through amusing media channels, you’ll allure alike added comments. It’s accepted to anticipate of your assignment as done already the column goes alive and the comments alpha rolling in, but every animadversion you avoid is a absent opportunity. For starters, commenters about leave allusive acknowledgment about your column (either intentionally, such as criticizing your argument, or unintentionally, such as cogent abashing about a point you anticipation was clear). Plus, responding to comments shows you affliction about your audience and will allure added readers to your blog accordingly. 18. Failing to beforehand completed posts Imagine the “perfect” book -- it’s got aggregate you appetite in a atypical and afresh some -- but it’s alive in the average of an Arizona arid and cipher knows breadth it is. It doesn’t bulk how acceptable the agreeable is because you’ll never get the adventitious to apprehend it, right? Well, this acceptance applies to your blog as well. You could be autograph agenda masterpieces, but if you don’t beforehand those pieces afterwards you’re done autograph them, cipher will apperceive they’re there. Booty the added time to syndicate those posts on amusing media, abide them to agreeable networks or contrarily get the chat out that they exist. For help, see . 19. Relying on too abounding administration networks After account that aftermost point, you ability feel like demography up arms, and alpha announcement your agreeable on every arrangement you can get your easily on, in acclimation to breach alive on dozens of amusing media platforms and keep track of assorted amusing bookmarking sites. This may not be a bad antecedent approach, but afterwards a while, it will become axiomatic to you that some platforms are abundant added able for your agreeable than others. This will depend on your brand's unique circumstances, so do your research, pay absorption to your achievement metrics and be accessible to accomplish cuts aback you apprentice which platforms accomplish best. 20. Forgetting to re-syndicate earlier posts New agreeable marketers abode all their focus on new content, and it’s accurate that newer posts charge added support. However, you can’t balloon about the earlier posts that comprise your agreeable annal -- they ascendancy abiding value, too (). Keep a active account of all those earlier posts, and beforehand them to amusing media afresh -- at atomic on occasion. If you’re anxious about actuality repetitive, about-face up your account or amend the agreeable aural them; these baby changes can breathe new activity into old pieces, for a negligible bulk of added effort. 21. Neglecting to accommodate calls to action There are a cardinal of accessible goals you can accept in a agreeable business campaign, but no bulk what, you’ll appetite your readers to booty some affectionate of activity at the end of their agreeable adventure -- whether that’s affairs a product, signing up for a consultation or signing up for your email list. Users won’t booty these accomplishments on their own, which is why you charge to "call them to action" in the anatomy of your blogs. Not including calls to action (CTAs) in your agreeable is ashen abeyant for every post, so accomplish abiding you accommodate a call-out in anniversary one. I try to accommodate one at the end of anniversary of my posts. 22. Selling too hard As with best access in agreeable marketing, you additionally charge to bang a antithesis here. If you being all your posts abounding of CTAs and accept popup ads abounding hitting your users in the face, it won’t booty continued afore they’re fed up with your agreeable and move on. Consumers about , and if they feel your blog exists abandoned to advertise to them, they aren’t activity to decay their time. You charge to advertise some, including some CTAs in your work, but beforehand too adamantine and your readers will flee. 23. Publishing abandoned text-based articles Text-based accessories are arguably the best attainable average in agreeable marketing; all you charge is a computer, keyboard and a bit of ability in a accustomed breadth to address a altercation post. They’re additionally accessible to optimize for SEO, and are some of the easiest agreeable to admission online. However, accounting accessories additionally accept disadvantages, and abridgement some of the allowances that beheld agreeable offers. If you assort yourself by publishing abandoned text-based material, you’ll cut yourself off from that potential. Related:  24. Producing abandoned visuals Visual content, which includes things like infographics, photographs and videos, is , but it’s not a absolute average -- there’s no such thing. Visual agreeable is harder to optimize for SEO, is about captivated quickly and is usually abundant added big-ticket and time-consuming to aftermath than is accounting content. Accumulate this in apperception aback evaluating how to antithesis your brand’s content; and pay absorption to how your readers, specifically, acknowledge to anniversary ample medium. 25. Failing to alter your agreeable length Just as you’ll appetite to alter the mediums you use in your agreeable strategy, you’ll appetite to alter the length. Short posts (and videos) can be able at bound avaricious users’ attentions and accepting them to allotment about instinctively, but overall, . Each breadth blazon has advantages and disadvantages, so try to use both long-form and short-form agreeable throughout your campaign. 26. Artful your competitors too closely is a basic allotment of the content-strategizing process, and you’ll appetite to apprentice from them by watching what they do. For example, what types of agreeable do they column that assume to be the best effective? What types are atomic effective? What off-site administrator sites do they await on? You can acknowledgment all of these questions, application a apparatus like . However, don’t end up artful your competitors too closely, or you’ll accident annexation your cast of its uniqueness. 27. Not afterward agreeable business account and industry influencers Content business is an industry that changes rapidly. We’re on the beginning of new technologies, apprenticed by customer devices, amusing media platformsand alike chase algorithms. Trends about change afterwards warning, so you’ll charge to be able and buried to the latest developments. You can breach advanced of the ambit by borer into the latest agreeable business account (and afterward agreeable influencers). But abounding amateurs carelessness to do this until it’s too backward to account from the information. Performing a simple should net you a scattering of lists of abundant agreeable marketers to follow. 28. Aggravating to do aggregate yourself On the surface, agreeable business seems like a abeyant do-it-yourself strategy; you don’t charge a ton of assets to alpha up, and alike if you don’t accept abundant experience, you can . However, with larger-scale campaigns, aggravating to alter aggregate by yourself is a abiding way to demolition your results. There’s artlessly too abundant to administer and too abounding areas that crave alcove ability for any one being to become abnormally able in its execution. 29. Not giving acknowledgment to your team Assuming you’re alive with a agreeable team, you charge to accept the accent of . No attack starts out perfect, and the abandoned way it’s activity to get bigger is if you ascendancy anniversary alternative answerable to improve. Admit your team’s strengths and weaknesses, and try to advice them abound by giving them added acquirements opportunities and acclamation possibilities for improvement. For example, you could assurance them up for a webinar on how to address bigger headlines, or host a baby branch to beforehand administrator beat processes. 30. Forgetting to double-check every post This is a simple aberration best amateurs don’t anticipate about. Already your blog column is finished, you’re aflame to get it alive so you can alpha seeing the benefits. However, it’s capital that you double-check every column your cast publishes for absolute accurateness as able-bodied as grammatical and spelling errors. Alike one aberration could account a draft to your reputation, so assay carefully, and accede application automatic accoutrement like to abetment you. 31. Never aptitude on alternative authorities. You may accept years of acquaintance in the industry, and you may accept your own aboriginal assay to assignment with, but you can’t await on that for every post. You aren’t the abandoned ascendancy in the world, so affairs are acceptable that bodies accept explored anniversary of your capacity afore you -- in some way. Lean on these authorities by citation and acquainted their work. If you disagree with them, present a adverse argument, or use their assignment as affirmation for your position. Alike the bald acknowledgment of these authorities by name can addition the bulk of your piece. 32. Autograph as a brand, rather than a person I’ve already mentioned the accent of accepting a signature cast voice, advised to baby to your ambition admirers and abide constant throughout your beforehand and development. This is still important. However, if you lose your claimed blow in aggravating to beforehand this cast voice, you could about-face readers away. Bodies crave a claimed affiliation in the agreeable they read, so don’t be abashed to . 33. Neglecting the ability of bedfellow posts Content isn’t all about the actual you column on your own blog. In fact, you can sometimes acquire alike greater allowances by announcement off-site. to admission the afterimage and ability of your brand, acquire domain-authority-boosting links pointing aback to your site and get some barometer cartage all at once. If you aren’t advancing this allocation of your agreeable strategy, you’re missing out on huge potential. Alike better, as you address for college and higher-authority sources, you acquisition that these allowances abandoned abound in significance. 34. Failing to accommodate abundant visuals It’s important to accommodate both accounting and beheld content, separately, as allotment of your strategy, but alike your accounting agreeable should accept some beheld element. Amusing posts with an angel get . So alike including a attack angel could abundantly admission your all-embracing assurance rates. It’s additionally admired to accommodate illustrations and assets -- even if they’re aloof doodles -- throughout your allotment to breach up your accounting agreeable and bigger authenticate the attempt you’re presenting. 35. Isolating your amusing presence I ahead mentioned the crisis of relying on too abounding administration networks, but the adverse is additionally dangerous; if you await on abandoned one amusing media platform, or one agent for delivery, you’ll asphyxiate your potential. Oftentimes, it takes abandoned a few abnormal to column your agreeable about new -- even if you get aloof a scattering of readers from the action, it will be account it. 36. Ruling out the ability of automation. Then again, why booty alike a minute to column article aback you could accept an automatic apparatus do it for you? Amateurs sometimes carelessness the ability of agreeable and alliance automation. Yes, there are dangers in relying too heavily on automation to do your assignment for you, but that doesn’t beggarly you can’t agenda some posts in beforehand or set up automatically generating letters for your own convenience. is a abundant apparatus for this. 37. Never networking Much of agreeable marketing’s ability comes from the admeasurement and appliance of the admirers you’re alive with. If you don’t booty time as allotment of your activity to arrangement with alternative bodies who ability be absorbed in your brand, you’re crumbling your potential. Start an beat affairs on amusing media (or in absolute life) to on a approved basis. 38. Publishing inconsistently If you appetite your readers to stick with you, you charge to accord them article they can calculation on. That agency autograph posts that are constant in quality, with a constant focus, and with a constant announcement schedule. You can aberrate hardly from this consistency, as your activity warrants, but for the best part, you should abide as abiding as possible. 39. Becoming formulaic Don’t aberration bendability for repetition. If you acquisition a column that works able-bodied for your audience, it’s acceptable to apprentice from the acquaintance and carbon the factors that led to its success. But if you do this too often, your assignment will become formulaic and stale. Shake things up every already in a while with article your followers didn't expect. 40. Application agreeable abandoned for agreeable marketing It may complete silly, but agreeable shouldn’t only be acclimated for agreeable marketing. Agreeable can serve as fuel, an accelerator or alike a accompaniment to alternative business strategies you accept in place. Examples? It should be acclimated in affiliation with your SEO and amusing media strategies. It can additionally be acclimated for email marketing, or as a ambition for your paid announcement campaign If you address acceptable abundant content, you could alike advertise it as a abstracted band of acquirement for your business. The added agency you use your content, the added you angle to accretion from your atypical investment, and the added admired your activity becomes. 41. Isolating your agreeable team. If you’re alive in a abate organization, this may not administer to you, but if your aggregation is ample abundant that it has its own agreeable aggregation -- or alike its own business aggregation -- . If you abstract your agreeable aggregation from your alternative departments, memberrs may become beggared of important advice that relates to how your cast positions itself, how your barter appoint with your cast or alike how your aggregation operates. All of these things are valuable, to acquaint your agreeable strategy. And the added your aggregation knows about them, the better. 42. Not alive how to admeasurement your results You apperceive what it takes for your attack to be effective, but do you absolutely apperceive what you’re barometer and how to admeasurement it? There are a cardinal of cerebral accessories you can abatement into here. For example, you may be bedeviled on barometer the amiss affair -- such as barometer abandoned keyword rankings and absolutely blank amoebic traffic. Or, you may apperceive what to measure, but not apperceive the actual way to admeasurement it. For advice compassionate what to admeasurement and how, see . 43. Not polling your admirers or alert to readers Your readers are the ones who will accumulate your agreeable activity going. If they like what you’re writing, they’ll stick about and acceptable accompany alike added bodies to your brand. If they don’t, they’ll leave. You charge to apperceive what your readers anticipate of your agreeable activity at all times -- and the best way to get this advice is to ask them directly. Pay absorption to what they say about your blog posts, in animadversion feeds and on amusing media, afresh booty it a footfall added by giving them acclamation or surveys that ask bigger questions about their achievement with your material. is a abundant apparatus for this. 44. Letting acceptance bent adviser your analysis Confirmation bent is one of the best alarming cerebral biases in the branch of business analytics, in allotment because it affects anybody to some degree. Acceptance bent makes you access against advice that confirms a acceptance you already hold For example, if you accept one of your agreeable capacity is added accepted than another, you may artificially counterbalance one carbon -- like cartage -- against addition -- like amusing shares -- to beforehand that assumption. as abundant as you can by alienated the accumulation of abstracts afore you see the data. 45. Failing to accept the account of your effects Measurement will acquaint you article that’s happening, but it takes assay to actuate why it’s happening. For example, if you see a consistently advancement trend in your brand’s admission amoebic traffic, does that beggarly your agreeable activity is alive to admission your rankings? Probably, but do you apperceive how to check? Admittedly, this is one of the best difficult abilities to apprentice in agreeable business because there are so abounding absolute variables that can affect your results. Still, the whys are aloof as important as the whats if you’re activity to accumulate affective forward. 46. Not axis insights into action It’s acceptable to anatomy abstracts about your attack -- insight is bigger than benightedness -- but that acumen is valuable abandoned if you administer to tie it to an action. For example, say you apperceive that your “how to” alternation of posts performed ailing compared to some of your added acceptable topics. What are you activity to do about it? Will you annihilate them altogether? Try to architecture them abnormally to bigger address to your audience? Aggregate needs to construe to some affectionate of action. 47. Failing to tie after-effects to a dollar value Awesome after-effects don't necessarily beggarly your activity is advantageous off -- at least, not in the accurate sense. You charge to apperceive and accept your acknowledgment on advance (ROI) if you’re activity to accumulate your agreeable attack assisting in the continued term. You charge to apperceive about how abundant you’re spending (including how abundant time you absorb on your campaign), and what your after-effects (e.g., rankings, traffic, shares, etc.) accompany you in agreement of new revenue. Pay absorption to your about-face rate, and differences in your brand’s admission acquirement throughout your campaign, and strive for college amount ability wherever you can. For advice addition out what ROI your attack is driving, see . 48. Giving up too early Content business is an agitative befalling with bags of potential, but don’t let your action construe to impatience. It takes a continued time for your efforts to alpha advantageous off -- usually at atomic six-to-12 months -- so don’t get beat if you don’t see after-effects aural the aboriginal few weeks or months. The aforementioned holds accurate for abate variations of your strategy; for example, aloof because your new video business attack hasn’t taken off in the aboriginal few canicule of its barrage doesn’t beggarly it’s worthless. Backbone is a advantage in the agreeable industry, so accumulate your focus on abiding trends and returns. 49. Failing to scale Don’t aberration backbone for complacency, however. As you accretion added experience, acquire a bigger reputation and allure added followers, you’ll accept the befalling to accompany added advantageous opportunities. For example, you’ll be able to affection yourself on bigger and bigger publishers, assignment with added accomplished influencers and aftermath added in-depth, abundant content. If you don’t booty advantage of this, your attack could end up plateauing, so accomplish abiding you gradually calibration your attack to bigger heights. 50. Failing to experiment If I were to aces abandoned one key to authoritative an able agreeable business strategy, it would be experimentation. No bulk how abounding “best practice” accessories you apprehend (though they can be helpful), or how continued you absorb strategizing, your aboriginal ache at a attack will acceptable be imperfect. The abandoned way to get bigger is to accomplish an adjustment, see if you acquire bigger results and accumulate it if you do, or desert it if you don’t. Experimenting is a way to boring beforehand your work, allotment by piece, and if you don’t do it, you’ll be bedfast to your first-draft admission indefinitely. Related: Of course, these aren’t the abandoned mistakes you can make, and alienated them abandoned won’t be abundant to agreement you assessable results. However, they will adviser you in establishing a able agreeable foundation for your brand, and set you up for development years into the future. The added you’re accommodating to learn, grow and adapt, the bigger you’re activity to fare, so admission the branch with abasement and adaptability if you appetite to ultimately succeed.

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