5 Ways to Save Time and Money on Business Travel

Travel glitches accept been common aural the accomplished month, and they can absolutely accountability a aggregation and their traveling advisers -- costing added dollars and crumbling adored time. We’ve apparent a cardinal of airline issues this year -- and abounding due to anachronous technologies. Just this summer, canceled about 2,000 flights due to a three-day-long computer arrangement outage. At the , added than 100 flights were canceled on Aug. 28 due to issues with “automated flight abstracts transmission.” Regardless of a accelerated recovery, travelers were larboard abandoned until the botheration was eventually resolved. All over the world, airport and airline issues are causing anarchy and annoyance to travelers. A best contempo case bygone has assorted flights delayed at a cardinal of U.S. airports due to a annihilate in the airline’s check-in system. Phoenix, Atlanta, Seattle and San Francisco were of the afflicted airports hit with delays. Related:  Although these computer outages ability befoul the of above airlines, it’s important for businesses to abate their risks from any biking hiccup. There’s little you can do to absolutely abstain the issue, but there are a cardinal of basic accomplish and alternatives companies can booty to abate risks of their traveling employees. Check out these accessible tips afore you accelerate your agent off on their abutting business trip. 1. Change your business policies. We can’t adumbrate the abutting big airport annihilate or change the way an airline operates. But Bruno Santiago, CEO and architect of , explains how alteration aggregation biking behavior is basic to acclimate to the alteration biking climate. Aggregation behavior should focus beneath on amount thresholds and limits, and added on factors that access , such as on-time flight performance, check-in times and TSA and boarding processes. Thorough analysis and airline comparisons are a acceptable abode to start. 2. Make data-driven decisions. Let’s face it: We don’t all accept time to analysis and amount out the best optimal plan for able air travel. That’s area accessible accoutrement and websites such as Biz Airlines appear in. These websites advice companies and travelers aggregate abstracts that will advice drive their decisions to ensure bland sailing back traveling. The sites aggregate and abridge advice such as on-time achievement of assertive airlines, abeyant acclimate issues and check-in and TSA and boarding efficiencies. 3. Stick to one airline. Sticking to one airline can additionally advice abate any travel-related accent and alike drag one’s all-embracing experience, Bruno says. Say you’re ashore in the airport due to a flight delay, if you’re a affiliate of a acceptable common flier program, you can absorb your time in one of the airline’s VIP lounges. In addition, antecedence check-in and boarding, rewards and alternative affairs allowances advice allay biking stress. 4. Use a clandestine jet. You don’t accept to be a millionaire to fly private. Although there may be college upfront costs, chartering a clandestine even for important business trips can be a acceptable idea. If your aggregation can allow it, advance in a aggregation plane, but for the majority of alternative businesses, jet-sharing is an option. Related:  The check-in, aegis and boarding processes are quick and simple. And, “There’s beneath accident for above arrangement outages, like the big bartering carriers face, and in the continued run, this advantage can save time and money,” Bruno says. 5. Sign up for Global Entry status. Say goodbye to the lines. If you accept advisers consistently aerial beyond all-embracing borders, animate them to annals with U.S. Community and Border Protection’s affairs -- which gives condoning travelers an expedited community process. The affairs allows “expedited approval for pre-approved, low-risk travelers aloft accession into the U.S.,” as declared on the Dept. of Homeland Security’s website. A accomplishments analysis and in-person account can get you in the program.

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