5 Ways to Not Write a Guest Blog Post

Imagine that you’re on a date. He’s tall, aphotic and handsome -- your dream guy -- but anon abundant things alpha to go wrong. He lies about everything, exaggerates his achievements, all-overs from one affair to the abutting after abeyance or logic and, alike worse, whips out a attache of affected Cartier watches and tries to advertise you one. You’ll be allurement for the bill afore you alike get to dessert and again uploading him beeline to , right? Well, that’s how allotment editors feel back they alpha to apprehend a able article, and it's abounding of inaccuracies, doesn’t chase a bright structure and artlessly turns out to be a big advert for your product. Related:  One of the top affidavit editors adios accessories is that they don’t add amount to the readership, but there are additionally abounding alternative things to consider, such as content, research, originality and relevance. So let’s allocution about rejection: a affair writers are abnormally accustomed with, then go into how to accomplish abiding your commodity is advantageous and doesn’t get scrapped by an editor appropriate away. 1. Don’t carefully address about your product. Online announcement is a huge industry, globally admired at , and about all publications with a agenda attendance accomplish at atomic some of their money from advertising. Aside from the accessible pop-ups, banners and videos, you’ve apparently apparent sponsored accessories -- additionally accepted as built-in ads. These accessories becloud the band amid announcement and editorial. They allurement you in with an absorbing headline, ambience up an altercation or botheration and again analogue why a assertive aggregation solves it. The purpose is simple: to get you to buy a product, or assurance up for a service. Instead of a acceptable conclusion, there’s a alarm to activity -- "find out more," or "buy it now." Don’t accomplish the aberration of autograph one of these and cerebration you can canyon it off as a anticipation administration piece. Publications to affection advertorials, so the moment an editor sniffs out a promotional article, he or she will apprehend you to pay bags of dollars to broadcast it, or, more acceptable accelerate you abroad with your appendage amid your legs. A anticipation administration article, on the alternative hand, does not attack to actuate the clairvoyant to buy anything. It is not business or advertising, in any sense. Instead, its aim is to accommodate value, giving the clairvoyant activity credibility to implement, or advantageous admonition to consider. Here's an archetype of a acceptable anticipation administration piece. Nicholas Tenhue, the user acquaintance and activity activity advance at Genospace, wrote a allotment on his breadth of expertise,  Tenhue has amusing affidavit -- he is a baton in the acreage -- and he doesn’t advance his artefact or aggregation at all. The amount for the columnist and the aggregation is in the commodity byline: the allotment that lists your name, aggregation and position. Your aim is to body amusing proof and authorize yourself as an able in your industry. Astute accessories can additionally affect investors and actualize assurance amid your audience and approaching applicant base. Publications don’t allegation annihilation at all to affection these types of accessories because they are admired to the reader. 2. Don’t accidentally address about your product. Okay, so you get it: no autograph base ads for your company. But it’s not that simple. Startup founders are acutely focused people. They set out to break a botheration and accomplish in business. Although this ability complete silly, it’s actual accessible to abatement into the allurement of autograph about your own band-aid after alike acceptation to. Editors don’t aloof apprehend your arguments, they apprehend amid the lines. While you may be an able in your field, you additionally accept to accomplish abiding that back you address about your industry, you’re not anecdotic the exact botheration your aggregation solves. For example, alike if you present a ample altercation for the charge for a new basic absoluteness (VR) alive platform, and the commodity has amount for readers, an editor will best acceptable adios it if that’s what your aggregation is offering. Instead of talking about the botheration you're solving, attending at challenges that you and your competitors are facing. Outline the obstacles the industry will face in the future, and accord others in your accurate ecosystem activity credibility to chase for the future. The litmus analysis is simple. Ask yourself: In theory, would a adversary of abundance be blessed administration this article? If the acknowledgment is no, again conceivably it’s time to amend your idea. Related:  3. Don’t balloon to do your research. An commodity after affirmation is like a bike after a chain; it looks like a bicycle, it feels like a bicycle, but it won’t get you anywhere fast. A acceptable commodity needs added than aloof opinion. It needs facts. Although you ability be able to allocution for hours on the allowances of targeted email marketing, it’s no use allurement the clairvoyant to booty your chat for it.  You’ll charge statistics, able analysis and quotes to accomplish your case. Alike if you are adage commodity actually original, your account don’t abide in a vacuum, so accord some context. Don’t allurement an editor in with a appetizing pitch, alone to abort by not giving him or her the facts that accumulated the capital course. Ask and acknowledgment questions. How big is the bazaar you are talking about? How important is the change or claiming you’re talking about? Why should industry assembly care? What appulse will your abstraction accept on the consumer? Lean on big consulting and analysis institutions, like McKinsey and Deloitte, or broadsheet publications like the New York Times and The Guardian for admonition -- just accomplish abiding to advertence them with links. Alike accumulated sites like Statista can be advantageous references. Look at Kristof Horvath’s  or Mike Galarza’s  Both attending at the accompaniment of altered industries and accommodate insightful, aboriginal ideas while additionally referencing plenty of acclaimed sources. 4. Don’t be chaotic or impractical. Don’t amusement your commodity as a adventitious to accuse about all the things that are aggravation you about your job. Instead accede it an opportunity time to action solutions, insights and advice. As my baby old grandmother acclimated to say, “It’s no use aloof whining about it; you accept to do commodity about it.” Much like children, accessories charge anatomy and conduct if they are to do well. Outline your argument, accommodate evidence and best importantly, leave the clairvoyant with commodity applied to booty away. That’s not to say you charge to address a how-to article to get featured in a top publication, but bright admonition for the clairvoyant is a big additional in abounding editors’ books. A acceptable archetype is Charles Francis’ commodity on , explaining the allowances of brainwork and giving evidence for its claims. It provides advantageous pointers on how to apparatus the convenance in the office. 5. Don’t action 'old news.' Research the appellation and keywords afore you put pen to paper, because annihilation spells bounce actually like an commodity that aloof rehashes banal account that accept already appeared on assorted top-level publications. When you’re cerebration about an commodity topic, one of the aboriginal things you should do is run it through Google. That exercise ability not be actual technical, but it is actual effective. How abounding hits are there? Back was this affair aboriginal accounting about? Is it in a above publication? Is it already on your ambition advertisement website? If your adventure was aboriginal mentioned in 2011, and there’s been annihilation accounting about it since, it’s acceptable no one cares anymore. As sad as that may be, amuse abstain autograph it -- unless you’re actually abiding what you’re activity to address is new, adventurous and innovative and will accept editors allurement for your autograph. On the alternative hand, you additionally charge to be accurate back there has been a lot published afresh on the same topic. Although a trending affair is added acceptable to bolt an editor’s eye, you charge to accomplish abiding you’re not aloof adage the aforementioned affair in different-colored ink. Ensure your bend is new, your abstraction is beginning and your assessment is valuable. In a agnate vein, if no one has anytime has accounting about the topic, that ability be a assurance that either you’re a genius or it’s not that abundant of a topic. To be doubly sure, run it accomplished a few of your best trusted colleagues -- by trusted, I mean those who won’t aloof say yes because they’re afraid of you -- to see if they anticipate it’s viable. Related:  There’s no drudge to acceptable a anticipation leader. While bedfellow accessories are an important accessible relations tactic, you can alone get out of these accessories what you put in. If you ensure that you are accouterment readers with a valuable, well-written article, abounding with research, aboriginal account and applied advice, you’re acceptable to see abundant after-effects and be featured on a top publication.

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