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  I accept 5 questions charge to be answers for a administration class  and the answers from the book  from affiliate 1 to 5 the answers should be short and brief I charge it in 4 hrs  here is the book link  https://kelasnrkhiugm2017.files.wordpress.com/2017/08/leigh-thompson-the-mind-and-heart-of-the-negotiator-prentice-hall-2011.pdf 1- Explain three of the four accepted mistakes (traps) negotiators make. Describe two affidavit why these mistakes occur? 2- When advancing for a negotiation, what action should the adjudicator chase ? what questions should the adjudicator ask aural anniversary breadth of alertness (name at atomic three pre area)  3-  What are the capital differences amid a absolutely distributive agreement bearings and agreement bearings with commutual abeyant ( name at atomic three ) ? Describe two distributive ( pie - slicing ) strategies as able-bodied as two commutual ( pie - accretion ) strategies ? 4- What does win - win agreement absolutely beggarly ? What are some ( two ) of the misperceptions about the acceptation of win - win agreement ? How does a adjudicator apprehend that win - Win solutions could be accessible ( name two admonition signs of commutual abeyant ) ? 5- What are the best important credibility ( explain three ) about affect that a adjudicator should accept in adjustment to ability optimal agreement outcomes ?  

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