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Part I:Definitions (10 credibility each; 50 credibility total) In your own words,please a) accommodate a analogue of anniversary appellation beneath and b) accord an archetype from history or accepted ability of how this appellation relates to feminism (approximately 75-100 words each). Gender binary Intersectionality Patriarchy Orientalism Rape culture Part II: Debating feminist approach (75 points) You accept the befalling to allure several arresting feminist thinkers to participate in a agitation about the goals of the feminist movement. Thinking about how altered individuals and groups accept authentic feminism and who is/is not represented in their vision, accept THREEof the bodies listed beneath and address a archetype of their conversation.  (750-800 words total). Margaret Sanger Charlotte Perkins Gilman Sylvia Federici Rita Mae Brown (Radicalesbians) Audre Lorde Lila Abu-Lughod Rosemarie Garland-Thomson Lindy West Kimberle Crenshaw Part III: Feminist Politics (25 points) In this advance we accept advised assorted feminist groups and organizations with altered political perspectives, goals, and strategies. Now is your adventitious to ad-lib your own feminist organization, with a name and mission. Be creative! Option A:   Write your own feminist acclamation answer your organization’s philosophy, viewpoints, and goals (200-250-words). Option B:   Create a affiche announcement your organization, which should accommodate the name and mission account (min. 100 words) as able-bodied as any alternative pertinent information/visuals. You may abide in an alternating architecture such as .jpg, or .pdf. Part 4: Drawing on advance materials, assay the circle of chase and gender in one of the afterward video  clips from  Mulan (100-150 words). a. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9MfuWSQoWc b. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tOXEPNvNB8

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