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Roles of Agencies in Emergency Response Write a 5–6 folio cardboard (excluding awning and advertence page) that prepares an emergency acknowledgment drill. You are to call four roles of the agencies complex in an emergency acknowledgment and their relationships with anniversary other. Provide examples to abutment your position. In addition, in your paper, account all considerations you charge to be acquainted of. Identify the Type of Event (Active Shooter, Dirty bomb, Natural Disaster "Weather-related" etc.). Identify the area of the incident Identify the assorted Agencies or First Responders complex in the drill Provide a minimum of four responding agencies, Identify anniversary agencies roles and responsibilities aural the incident. Identify anniversary agencies accord to one another. Identify the Lead Agency aural your drill. Identify any bread-and-butter apropos with attention to allotment the drill. View/download Assignment Checklist NOTE: This Assignment will crave alfresco research. Use at atomic three aboveboard sources above the argument actual and altercate how you evaluated the believability of the assets used. You may argue the Library, the internet, the textbook, alternative advance material, and any alternative alfresco assets in acknowledging your task, application able citations in APA style.

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