5 page research paper about Victims of Hate Crime or any topic of the author’s choice that is related to the subject of the Crime Victim

Professor's instructions according to syllabus: Each apprentice will complete a five-page analysis cardboard on any affair accompanying to the affair of Crime Victim.  This will be discussed added on the aboriginal day of class.  Your cardboard charge be appropriately researched and cited from able bookish resources.  Academic assets accommodate accepted analysis from peer-reviewed account accessories and books.  These can be begin in the library and online.  Other adequate sources could be from government web sites (local badge departments, DOJ, accompaniment government sources).  Websites such as Wikipedia, answer.com, blurtit.com, newspapers or TV are not bookish sources.  Why is this important?  Your job as a apprentice is to apprehend accepted analysis abstract and to acquaint it through your own words as it relates to your analysis paper.  Taking advice from websites like answer.com do not acceleration to the akin appropriate for bookish research.  This will authenticate that you are able to amalgamate and adept this sometimes difficult material.  This will access your professionalism, ability and credibility.  Your cardboard will be adjourned on the afterward areas: Quality of Information:  Your cardboard will accommodate at atomic ten references from the library, journals and/or books.  It will not accommodate advice from Internet encyclopedias like Wikipedia or websites like Yahooanswers.com, blurtit.com, ask.com, brainmass.com, wisegeek.com, newspapers, TV account channels, etc.  If you are not abiding about the account of a source, amuse ask me to anticipate any answer of points. Organization: Your cardboard should be accounting in a bright and abridged manner, arguments are to be logically presented and anniversary of the capital credibility is acutely addressed.  Paragraphs are absolutely developed and accommodate aqueous transitions to the abutting affair so the cardboard flows well. Grammar/Spelling/Mechanics: The appointment contains basal errors and was proofread.  The cardboard includes use of acceptable book anatomy and chat best which will aftereffect in a cardboard that is accessible to apprehend and understand. Proper use of APA style: APA adjustment of commendation is acclimated throughout the cardboard which includes in-text citations, format, and advertence page.

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