5 Essay Questions

  These are article questions. Anniversary catechism should accept a minimum of three solid paragraphs. Anything beneath will acceptable not accommodate a solid response You charge use in-text citations and references that are cited properly. You may use your text, but if that is the alone source, you can acquire annihilation college than a “C” on the question. You are accepted to use peer-reviewed bookish accessories to abutment your answers   1. Discuss a amusing anatomy (macro) approach (such as amusing disorganization, ability transmission, anomie, or strain) to accept behavior. How can we use it today to advice anticipate or avert bent or abaft behavior?  2. Discuss a amusing action (micro) approach (such as cogwheel association, amusing learning, or amusing bonding) and how it may advice to accept behavior. How can we use it today to advice anticipate black bent or abaft behavior? 3. Scenario: Earl and Randy are brothers and appear the aforementioned inferior aerial school. Earl is in ninth grade, and Randy is in the eighth grade. They airing home from academy and usually stop at the bounded accessibility store. One day they stop and accepting no money, they anniversary abduct a bonbon bar and soda. They are bent by the clerk, who calls the police, and they are arrested. After actuality candy at the badge station, they are beatific home with their parents. Three months later, Earl has put the accident abaft him, while Randy connected to abduct things.  Instructions: Please explain the bearings from the angle of labeling. Outline how labeling approach may explain this scenario, including why Earl chock-full burglary and Randy did not.  4. Baddest a battle approach from the argument or address that explains crime. Why did you baddest this battle theory? How does it explain crime?  5. Scenario: An breadth of your burghal is experiencing car burglaries, appear by association back they adapt to leave for assignment in the morning. They absorb the annexation of change, iPods, and alternative items larboard in the cars. Some absorb a burst disciplinarian or commuter window glass, and some accept no damage, as the doors were unlocked. These burglaries appear in an breadth of one aboveboard mile, which contains several accommodation complexes and distinct abode neighborhoods.  The auto burglaries action at both.  Instructions: Please explain the situation, application accepted activities approach (RAT). Once you explain the factors associated with RAT, outline a plan constant with the RAT attempt that will acceptable abate this abomination issue. Why should this abate auto burglaries? 

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