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  Course Outcomes: IT537-1: Assess appropriate cybersecurity processes for acclamation adapted outcomes. Scenario: In June 2015, it was appear that hackers, possibly accurate by the Chinese government, had breached several databases absolute PII for about 4 actor federal workers. Accepted and above federal workers from about every U.S. government bureau were affected. U.S. law administration admiral brainstorm that the primary ambition of the aperture is to body a database of federal advisers which would aid hackers gluttonous to fool or impersonate government workers in beforehand of ambience up cabal attacks. Cybersecurity experts advising the government accept appear that a cardinal of government agencies accept not been afterward recommended best practices, such as afterlight earlier operating systems with accepted protection. Other recommendations accommodate encryption of abstracts at rest. Instructions: Following the action declared in the “Writing an Advisory Essay” certificate begin in the Writing Center, address a 5–6-page analysis cardboard that discusses the accessible role of encryption in preventing the aperture declared in the scenario. You may booty either a pro or con position. The minimum folio calculation is 5–6 pages (excluding awning page, etc.). If you crave added pages to thoroughly avert your position, feel chargeless to accommodate them. Your cardboard should use Times New Roman 12-point font, be double spaced, and use actual APA formatting (cover page, table of contents, abstract, and advertence page). Be abiding to use able APA in-text citations that bout your advertence list. A minimum of three peer-reviewed accessories should be acclimated to abutment your arguments in the advisory essay. Use the Library to chase for acknowledging accessories and use the “peer reviewed” clarify to acquisition the adapted material. You may additionally use additional material, such as barter annual articles, but abstain Wikipedia. In accordance with the Academic Integrity policy, your Assignment will be automatically submitted to TurnItIn (see http://turnitin.com/en_us/features/originalitycheck). The action states that affidavit submitted for acclaim in any advance should accommodate beneath than 25% non-original material, so abstain ample sections of absolute quotes and be abiding that you use APA formatting to appropriately adduce and advertence all non-original material. No added than one amount and/or one table should be included, and any abstracts or tables acclimated charge acutely abutment a specific point of the advisory essay. Any amount or table charge use an APA formatted amount or table caption. Project Requirements: The advisory article follows the Writing Guide requirements and establishes a capital point or position, uses a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources in abutment of that position, and provides a acutely worded conclusion. The article is 5–6 pages of agreeable (excluding awning sheet, etc.) and uses Times New Roman 12-point font, is double spaced, and uses actual APA formatting (cover page, table of contents, abstract, and reference page) . No added than one amount and/or table in the content. No spelling errors. No grammar errors. No APA errors.

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