4MAT Book Review: Share Jesus Without Fear

   4MAT Book Analysis Instructions Please use the afterward architecture in advancing 4-MAT Book Reviews: Abstract. Summarize what you accept apprehend into      300 words (1 page). Prove you appreciate the readings by autograph a      thoughtful summary. The abstruse is not a annotation or advertisement of capacity      but rather an cold arbitrary of above capacity from the reader's      viewpoint. Use third actuality to absorb objectivity. Abstact equals an overview of contents. This      section should accommodate a minimum of      2 footnotes to the argument actuality reviewed. Concrete Response. Be vulnerable. In no beneath than 150      words and no added than 1 page, chronicle a claimed activity acquaintance that this      book triggered in your memory. Chronicle your adventure in aboriginal person,      describing action, and commendation exact words you bethink audition or saying.      In the teaching appearance of Jesus, this is a do-it-yourself parable, case      study, confession. You will bethink about annihilation you accept apprehend unless      you accomplish this critical, claimed connection. What video anamnesis began to      roll? This is your adventitious to acquaint your adventure and accomplish new account your own. Reflection. This      is the analytical cerebration allotment of the analysis (not analytical in the faculty of      negative, but in the faculty of questioning). In no beneath than 150 words and      no added than 1 page, call what questions are aloft for you in      response to what you accept read. Keep a rough-note area at duke as you      read. Out acute the columnist by allurement bigger questions than he/she aloft      in the book. Acquaint how the columnist could accept fabricated the book bigger or added      appealing to those in your acreage of service. One way to activate this area      is by advertence what agitated you best about the book. This is not a abode      to accommodate an endorsement or affirmation of the book. This should be an      objective, fair appraisal of the text. Use third actuality to absorb the      objectivity. Action. So what      are you activity to do about it? In 2-3 pages, accommodate at atomic 3 activity      steps that call what accomplishments or changes you are activity to accomplish in your      life, ministry, and/or assignment as a aftereffect of your reading. Activity accomplish      should be assessable and acknowledge a charge to specific time, specific      people, and articular steps. Please accommodate a Turabian style* appellation page,      pagination, footnotes, and Bibliography. *Please acquaintance the adviser to ask permission to use an alternating architecture style. Total: 5–6 pages  Submit anniversary 4Mat Book Analysis by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of the module/week in which it is assigned.

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