4 paragraphs due 9/2/19

Websites for references  American Nurses Association (ANA) Policy and Advocacy. Here you can acquisition accompaniment aldermanic issues the ANA is announcement beyond the country. http://www.nursingworld.org/MainMenuCategories/Policy-Advocacy  Florida Nurses Association-Nursing, Advocacy, Engagement http://cqrcengage.com/fln/home?0  Florida Center for Nursing (FCN) and the Activity Coalition (FL-AC) https://www.flcenterfornursing.org/FL-ActionCoalition.aspx  Follow the accomplish categorical beneath to abode a letter that will be emailed to your Congressperson or Senator to accurate your appearance on an affair in nursing that is abnormally impacting or will abnormally appulse bloom care. The letter/email should reflect professionalism and be proof-read. It is recommended that you abode your letter on a Word certificate which you will again archetype and adhesive into the email.  Address the afterward in about 4 paragraphs to include:  1. Introduce yourself; accompaniment the affair that you will abode in the letter that is causing the problem. Include bill advice if applicable.  2. Your assessment on this issue. Why is your affair important for you as a registered nurse? Research the affair to abutment your argument. Include accepted socioeconomic, political, or ethical issues surrounding the botheration as able-bodied as the implications of the botheration for patients, nursing or nursing practice.  3. Restate your purpose for autograph the letter. Ask the Congressperson/Senator to advice to booty activity to abode the issue.  4. Ensure that you acknowledge the Congressperson/Senator (MY STATE SENATOR IS MARCO RUBIO 

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