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  For your Assay paper, you are to baddest one of the afterward essays which you will analyze: What's to Blame-Super-sized Americans.docx The Dark Side of Web Anonymity.docx People Like Us.docx Never Too Buff.docx This cardboard will be set up in the aforementioned way as your Arbitrary and Response paper, application the APA format. Your cardboard will charge to accommodate an addition paragraph, a actual abbreviate summary (one-half page) of the essay, your analysis, and a cessation paragraph. You will appetite to use 3 headings: Summary, Analysis, Conclusion. Again, it needs to be 3 accounting pages additional a awning folio and a advertence folio for a absolute of 5 pages. This absolute cardboard needs to be in 3rd being articulation - do not use "I" - "you" - "we" etc. Your paper will accept 4 altered due dates:      Thursday, Mar. 8 - Submit your article best online      Tuesday, March 13 - 1 book arbitrary of article and acknowledgment Critical Reading Questions (not all questions will apply)      Tuesday, March 27 - Peer Review of abbreviate arbitrary and analysis. Use your answers to your Critical Reading Questions, to actualize your asperous abstract in article architecture for PEER REVIEW. Application the argument of the essay, accord examples of your assay for at atomic 5 questions from your Critical Reading Questions.      Friday, March 30 - Assay Writing Workshop (Lab)      Tuesday, April 3  - Assay Cardboard Due *** 5 BONUS POINTS FOR COMING PREPARED FOR PEER REVIEW *** 5 BONUS POINTS FOR TURNING IN YOUR PAPER ON MARCH 30!!*** This cardboard will afresh crave 3 hand-edited drafts (Peer Review, Writing Center, Expert). I will apprehend and brand your 4th abstract but you charge about-face in your hand-edited drafts abaft your 4th draft. Your cardboard needs to be submitted in a binder as discussed in class. Paper charge be in APA format, including a awning folio and References folio (we will actualize your Advertence folio calm in Lab). You will appetite to use at atomic one abbreviate adduce with an in-text citation, as we accept accomplished and discussed in class. Analysis Rubric-4.doc CRITICAL READING QUESTIONS.docx

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