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Through the years, "The Bogie Tales" accept been active in abstraction the western society. Our account of "good vs evil," "protagonist vs antagonist," characteristics of a prince, princess, or the abandoned witch, or alike gender roles accept all been shaped by this brand which has its origins in articulate adventure telling. Demonstrate how some of these concepts accept shaped or afflicted our association application at atomic 3 tales to abutment your answer. Please do not abridge these belief unless as you are alive with acclaimed tales that accept afflicted society. The cardboard should be no best than 4 pages, and should be in third person. Do not balloon to adduce your references. The cardboard has to chase the conventions of the MLA format: Times New Roman, 12 pt, Double spaced, 1" margins, Header (last name and folio number), at atomic a brace of in-text citations. Works Cited folio charge accept at atomic 3-4 citations in the able format.  the 3 bogie tales for the essay -Cinderella - Snow White and the seven dwarf -Rapunzel

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