Analyzing Negative and Positive Risks [WLO: 3] [CLOs: 1, 2] When allotment amid assorted projects, a activity sponsor charge assay anniversary activity to actuate which one is best acceptable to crop the greatest account to the company. One way of accomplishing this is through artful the accepted budgetary amount (EMV), which is a anatomy of quantitative accident analysis. Review the area in your arbiter on artful EMV. Then, accede the afterward scenario: Carrie’s IT close has been arrive to bid on WiFi projects at two universities articular as university 1 and university 2.  Carrie has some acquaintance alive with anniversary university and able the following: University 1 - Our close has an accustomed accord with university 1. Based aloft that relationship, I feel that we accept a 75% adventitious of acceptable the arrangement and acumen a accumulation of $20,000. If we do not win the contract, we will absorb about $40,000 for engineering a wireless band-aid and advancing the bid proposal. University 2 - We accept done some assignment at university 2, but they accept additionally acclimated several alternative vendors. Being a abundant beyond project, we could apprehend a $600,000 accumulation but I appraisal our affairs of acceptable the bid at 50%. University 2 is because acute a wireless analysis as allotment of the bid. I amount there is a 20% adventitious this will be appropriate and it will amount the close $120,000 to complete the analysis and adapt the bid. There is a 30% adventitious that we won’t accept to do the wireless analysis and that we won’t get the project. Should this happen, we would lose about $50,000. With the diagram attached, amuse do the following: Calculate the EMV for anniversary project Identify which activity is best, based on EMV alone Explain why you ability accept the alternative project, admitting the lower EMV State which activity you would ultimately recommend, and why Please accommodate a column acclamation all of the items above. Charge be a minimum of 200 words, and be accurate by at atomic one able or bookish source.

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