4- 5 pages (double spaced)

  Instructions Investigate a small, absolute recording aggregation (of which there are tens of bags throughout the United States and the world). Visit its Web site, and/or e-mail or blast the company. In your investigation,  proceed through the accomplish of the analytical action (listed below). Write up your assay in 4- 5 pages (double spaced). Your accounting responses should be a minimum of 4 pages (if you accommodate all the questions, amuse do not calculation this in the folio count. If you use 1/4 of the folio for your name and title, amuse do not accommodate this in the folio count). Amuse us 12 point font, 1 inch margins, bifold spaced. Please cardinal your responses.   1. Description. What affectionate of music does this characterization specialize in? Is the characterization bound to alone one genre? What are some of the groups that the characterization produces? Where and how does the characterization analyze its agreeable artists? How does the characterization call itself? How does the characterization administer its recordings to consumers?  2. Analysis. Look at the array of groups that the characterization produces. What affectionate of fan is the characterization aggravating to target? How does this characterization advance its artists and get a recording to the consumer? What obstacles does the characterization face in popularizing its artists? Is the characterization angrily independent, or is its ambition to advertise to a above label? Is the characterization struggling, or is it financially viable?  3. Interpretation. From what you’ve aggregate so far from your research, what above problems do absolute recording labels face? Do you see absolute labels advantageous these problems? How?  4. Evaluation. What is the amount of baby absolute recording companies to the absolute recording industry? What would be altered about the recording industry as a accomplished if baby absolute labels didn’t exist? Add alternative questions and advice as you go along.

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