4-3 Activity: Integrating Sources (GRADED)

NOTE: This action will be graded based on completion. You've apprehend advice on how to accommodate sources—now let's accord it a try! Like before, we'll booty this one footfall at a time to ensure you accept the abutment you charge to use sources to abutment your argument. Return to the key credibility that you wrote out in your Writing Plan from Module 3. If you accept afflicted your apperception about one of your key points, amend and save that advice now. Choose one of these credibility you appetite to strengthen application the analysis you've already conducted in the Opposing Viewpoints database and online (remember, one and alone one of your sources may appear from a website you begin alfresco of the database), again chase the prompts beneath to convenance integration. We'll be application the PIE adjustment of antecedent affiliation for guidance, so feel chargeless to attending aback over that material. Click actuality to briefly analysis the PIE method Walking Through the Affiliation Process Type your responses in the textboxes provided and bang Submit. 1.  Review your sources and baddest a antecedent that will abutment a key point in your essay 2. . In 1-2 sentences, acutely accompaniment what the point is that you are aggravating to accomplish in this accurate area of your project. 3.  What advice from the antecedent you called in footfall 1 supports this point? You may adduce or abridge that antecedent below 4.Explain how the advice provided in catechism three supports your point. How does this advice additionally abutment the all-embracing altercation in your essay? Now that you've formed through the affiliation action for one of your key points, you may move on to the abutting area of the material. However, you should feel chargeless to assignment on affiliation for as continued as you want. You are acceptable to assignment through the action categorical aloft application your alternative two key credibility as well 5.

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