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   Reply to the acceptance questions in 150 words and accommodate 1 reference Question Consider your company's accumulation alternation administration team. What are some of the college akin positions and what are their responsibilities? If you came in as a consultant, altercate some recommendations for change including staffing, action and annihilation abroad you can anticipate of. Students response Phenemonex’s Senior Acumen Manager is amenable for all-embracing acumen operations and ensures a high-level account affection for barter and cost-efficient operations. He attends affairs to advance business affairs and goals for the department, follows up on chump complaints, and directs his agents to ensure an able operation. There is additionally the Barn Manager who works on barn operation arrangement improvements by allegory action assignment flow. He communicates to advisers his expectations and operational objectives to advance productivity, chump satisfaction, and advance aggregation standards. If I was a consultant, I would acclaim added able advice amid the acumen administration and the barn personnel, generally times because of miscommunication, time is ashen because there was a alterity or an account is missing. The aggregation additionally needs to apparatus added action standards to abate absurdity amid the affection ascendancy department, affection assurance, and aircraft and accepting departments. The advisers in the accumulation alternation charge to focus added of their efforts on ability in the barn and managers charge to accommodate a bright and astute training affairs to body a added able performance-based access to the accumulation chain.

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