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  reply to the acceptance acknowledgment in 150 words and accommodate 1 reference question   Explain the action of affliction arbitration. What are your adventures with this process?  students response  Grievance adjudication is the aftermost footfall in the affliction process.  Once the agent has gone through the binding affliction steps, they are acceptable for affliction arbitration.  This action involves application a third affair that is aloof appear the alternative parties to achieve the dispute.  Both parties activity through the adjudication action accede to accept by the accommodation fabricated by the arbitrator.  I accept not apparent the end of the affliction action yet.  I accept apparent what happens at the accompaniment akin to advisers that abatement beneath abutment aegis but accept been accounting up abundant to be bargain in brand and terminated.  That is additionally a continued and diffuse process.  This action may booty a year or added and again if the agent does not accept or feels the aftereffect is biased or actionable in some way, the abutting footfall afterwards filing a academic affliction would be to accommodated with the abutment and employer’s affliction arbitrator.  

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