Scenario A affiliate of your ancestors was atrociously murdered. The bedfellow is currently on afterlife row, apprehension execution. A affiliate of a victims' rights accumulation contacts your ancestors to altercate the achievability of affair with your ancestors and the bedevilled murderer. The bedfellow wants to seek absolution afore he is executed. The associates of your ancestors are affronted that this accumulation dared to alike acquaintance your family. Associates of your ancestors accurate their affair apropos the aggression of their privacy. No amount what the bedfellow will say, it will not accompany the ancestors affiliate back, and your ancestors is not anxious with the inmate's animosity or his admiration to accomplish apology for the abomination he committed. Most your ancestors associates are against to affair the bedevilled murderer, but you accept some changing questions, and this would advice you accord with the afterlife of your admired one. You are activity to accept a ancestors affair on this amount to adjudge what activity your ancestors should take. You are advancing some advice and assuming analysis on whether or not affair the bedevilled assassin would account your ancestors and accompany cease to this tragedy. In your discussion, accommodate theories of morality, values, and consequences. You charge additionally accommodate the afterward advice for the ancestors to ensure that anybody is absolutely informed: In agreement of ethics, call the concepts and purposes of alleviation amends and restitution.  Address some ethical issues accompanying to the concepts of alleviation amends and restitution.  Include some implications of alleviation amends and how you would access the accommodation to acquiesce or debris a affair with a bedevilled murderer.  Compose a description of the ethical controlling process, including the accomplish on how to access the situations, a account of questions if a affair is granted, or a account of accessible affidavit for abnegation the meeting.

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